Workplace Safety Ergonomics

An Overview of Workplace Safety Ergonomics

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Workplace safety is a major issue for many companies. Any business with employees is affected. There are fewer risks of illness and injuries when employees are safe. This equates to higher productivity for employers.

Many employers have tried to establish a safe environment at the workplace by setting up guidelines and policies that protect both the employers and employees. Ergonomics workplace health safety is dependent on both.

Workplace Safety Guidelines for small/medium companies

Here are some guidelines where companies may use to establisg a safe working environment.

It is the primary responsibility of the management to establish proper regulations concerning safety in the workplace. Complying with government regulations is a good place to start.

This is found either on government websites or by calling their hotlines.

You can find the Workplace Safety Ergonomics guidelines published by OSHA, NIOSH and other private label organizations.

Government Workplace Safety Ergonomics Guidelines Are Not Enough

Please note that further initiative needs to be taken beyond the general guidelines the government recommends. Why?

Government regulations only provide general guidelines for the safety of workers in a given industry.

That means, they (the government) only consider the potential occupational hazards that workers in a specific industry face in the course of carrying out their duties, but not as a way to improve productivity.

workplace safety
loading punch press stock By National Institute for
Occupational Safety and Health Applications Manual
for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation Page 54, Figure 5

For instance, workers involved in the transportation and ferrying of goods to different locations are at risk of suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

On the other hand, people who work in an industry that emits toxic gases and waste may be susceptible to respiratory and skin ailments among other allergies.

Different working conditions portend different potential risks for the workers. We have to note that workplace safety ergonomics will differ from place to place depending on the prevailing conditions.

That simply means, application of these workplace safety ergonomics guidelines differ and we need external help.

Additional Efforts for Workplace Safety

Get feedback from workers

Management cannot make and implement all the safety policies on its own. There is need to engage the staff as well in the process. Staff will know the work processes intimately and thus can alert you of any potential hazard or issue.

Educate the workers

Management also needs to educate their staff of the right and safe way to go about their work. They may even purchase a few ergonomically designed items to make their employees' work stations more ergonomic.

Hire an Ergonomics Consultant

The management may also seek the services of ergonomic auditors and external inspectors for advice on appropriate safety measures for the organization.

Such experts will need to visit the company and assess the working environment with a view to identifying specific risks and hazards facing the workers. They are then able to recommend potential solutions to improve safety in the working area.

Periodic Evaluation

It is also important to have periodic evaluation by such external agencies to determine if proper measures are in place to guarantee workplace safety in the organization.

Sometimes that also involves hiring an ergonomic consultant to do ergonomic training for staff.

Hold Workplace Safety Seminars regularly

Other times, you can also provide ergonomic health and workplace safety seminars or ergonomic courses. You can require workers to attend one seminar every 6 months to a year to reinforce and remind them of ergonomics of workplace safety.

Full time/in-house Ergonomic consultant

Many corporations also hire an in-house ergonomics supervisor to walk around the compound and oversee the employee's workplace safety.

Feedback Boxes/Lines

Provide an avenue for workers to report or give feedback on safety issues. This two way communication will prove useful for implementing new and up to date Ergonomic Safety policies.

Requesting for ideas and listening to employees' complaints and suggestions may be done so in a forum. In this forum employees may freely express themselves without fear of victimization. Creating such forums shows commitment to workers safety and goes a long way in boosting the morale of employees.

After obtaining their views, management should develop procedures and guidelines geared to improving workplace safety. The management should conduct training programs to familiarize the workers on the new safety measures in place.

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