Why is Ergonomics Important

An Overview of Workplace Safety Ergonomics

About 'why is ergonomics important'. Computer desk ergonomics improves your overall health, prevents musculoskeletal disorders etc. Companies can make ergonomic risk assessments to improve productivity and reduce claims. See more examples of ergonomics below.

You might ask, Why is Ergonomics Important?

Firstly, it is important for your overall health.

Most of us did not have our own personal computer desktop or laptop until about a decade or two ago. While we were all rejoicing at the affordability of each having our own computer workstation, most of us don't realize the harmful effects of the long hours of computer use...until many years later.

By not applying Computer Desk Ergonomics, or rather, being in ignorance of Ergonomics, we accelerate all aging in our bodies. We'll get old before our time.

Because the negative effects of using these non-ergonomically designed items are NOT immediate, and discomfort is very slight, we then to ignore them. We later assume our neck pains, backaches, blurry vision and poor posture is due to old age and "our own fault" for not exercising enough or being lazy,

By being aware and applying your knowledge of ergonomics has its benefits. You will be in better shape and health, become more effective and find working a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Why is Ergonomics Important?

Because prevent is better than cure.

Do you notice your strain? Do you notice how you have been walking with a stooped posture and forward head? Do you realize that you've been sleeping face down because that's your body's way of 'resting' and coping with a strained back?

Do you know that when you sit, your back feels at least 2-3 times your body weight? Do you know that chairs are a 'modern' invention? That our bodies weren't designed to sit down all day. Our eyes weren't designed to stare at a lighted box (computer monitor). It is much too glaring for us.

why is ergonomics important

Our wrists are not designed to twist when we mouse alot or type with our arms in a wide 'L' shape.

Why do we sit the way we sit at our computer desks?

We think it's our fault...our lack of discipline. Actually, it is because the computer workstation was not designed for us to use in a natural way. Our bodies are not meant to be be in those constricted positions for hours.

Thus, we slouch, bend, push our neck forward and look closely at the screen...simply because it is more comfortable that way.

Because we are generally flexible, resilient and resistant, we cope with the present circumstances. However, if we continue for long periods of time, we will develop eye strain, back and neck pain and other computer related injuries.

We cannot ignore ergonomics without suffering consequences.

The Importance of Ergonomics in the Workplace

For those who are managers or have the task of outfitting computer workstations for your company, know that Ergonomics affects productivity. It may boost productivity if ergonomics are applied.

Ergonomic workstations improves concentrations of employees and hence a reduction in sick time. You'll also save on their compensation claims.

According to Hugesoccupational.com, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has identified that Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) are the single largest job-related injury and illness problems in the USA.

  • Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders account for 34% of all reported illnesses and injuries, totally 626,000 days away from work.
  • Carpal Tunnel Disorders are the single most common injury in the workplace.
  • Why is Ergonomics Important For Your Bottom Line?

    Thus the lack of Ergonomics in the workplace leads to these costs:

    • How much you spend on your employees' long term health and safety

    • How much you spend on boosting employees' and company morale

    • Turnover

    • Absenteeism

    • Productivity

    • Product quality (how much do mistakes cost?)

    • Lawsuits

    • Compensation claims?

    See also Workplace Safety Ergonomics

    If you are confident enough, you can get by without having to use an Ergonomics Consultant. You have to weigh out the costs and benefits.

    Hiring an ergonomics consultant means they may be better at making ergonomic risk assesments in your workplace.

    Many companies do it differently, some give out ergonomic booklets and put up large ergonomic posters on the wall.

    Some hire an in-house Ergonomics Safety supervisor or hold Ergonomic Safety Workshops. If you do hire one, be sure to check their ergonomics certification.

    Alternatively, you can enroll your employees in an ergonomics course. Their participation in ergonomic courses are often rewarding, since employees can implement what they learned immediately.

    Examples of Ergonomics

    Where Do I Begin In Ergonomics?

    To get a better grasp of Ergonomics, first understand the principles of Ergonomics.

    Most people assume that once they buy a product labelled "Ergonomic", they indeed have an ergonomic workstation.

    If you're new, start with Ergonomic Pictures. It is true that picture speak louder than a thousand words.

    Although most of the ergonomics info on this website pertains to Computer Ergonomics, we have a handy page Ergonomic Tips for Industrial Workers which relates to the industrial environment.

    We also have a write up on Industrial Ergonomics.

    Feel free to browse around the site for more articles.

    Take care and be well! - Editor

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