Used Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review

What to Consider, Where to Buy

Considering a Used Herman Miller Aeron Chair? Here are some things to consider and find out where to buy.

used herman miller aeron chair

The Benefits of buying a Used Aeron Chair

Firstly, it is more affordable. You pay 25-30% less than you would have if you bought them brand new.

Secondly, maybe you already have a new one in your office, but since you are now used to the comfort and quality of your Herman Miller Aeron Chair, you want the same comfort at home, just that you might only use it for an hour in the evenings or a couple of hours on the weekends.

Some of these used aeron chairs are a result of liquidation and could have hardly been used. Why not pay less and get an almost brand new chair?

An Aeron chair is said to be able to last for at least 12 years, said so by Herman Miller hence they are so confident that they isse a 12 years warranty on their Aeron Chair. (However note that you don't get any warranty at all from Herman miller if you buy a used Herman Miller Aeron Chair.)

You've always wanted to test it out, and maybe buy a whole lot for your office, but want to try it out for a while. So you buy a used chair as a sample and used it for a few weeks.

Read more about the Aeron chair in this Aeron Chair Review.

Important Note Before Buying Used Aeron Chairs

Your warranty does not apply for second owners of refurbished chairs.

Beware of unauthorized sellers who reburbish chairs and sell them as brand new. If you find a 'brand new' Aeron chair at the price of a used Aeron chair, check thorougly to see if it indeed was a used chair simply refurbished.

However, if you buy these chairs, just take note that if your chair ever needs to be fixed, you can send it to Herman Miller but it will be for a fee. The Aeron Chair Warranty doesn't apply to second owners or refurbished chairs.

How to Check if Your Aeron Chair Seller is Authorized

Check at Herman Miller directly at 888-443-4357. (Add +1 for people calling from outside of the United States).

Warranty will be void for 2nd owners

No matter what the salesperson tells you, from what I've researched, your Herman Miller Aeron chair's warranty is void the minute the chair is sold to a second owner.

You can still send it in to Herman Miller for repairs for a reasonable fee though.

Click to read more information about the Aeron Chair Warranty Process.

Where To Buy Used Aeron Chairs

Amazon is by far the best place to buy used Aeron chairs simply because of the integrity of the website. You can read reviews of what other customers have said about the chair and the retailer.

See Used Aeron Chairs on Amazon. Select the one you want, then look for the "used" link located underneath the picture.

Other retailers that sell used Aeron Chairs

Here are two retailers that sell used Aeron Chairs, Office Designs Outlet and Cubeking.

And of course, eBay.

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