Correct Posture Pictures

Here are some Correct-Posture pictures for your easy reference.

correct posture pictures

A tilted pelvis thrusts stomach forward and hips out. That is incorrect posture.

Good posture can add inches to your height.

Posture Guide for Standing

standing correct posture

Be careful not to have a military stance, as though you're standing at attention. That stance is not for daily life.

The first one is the correct posture, and the third one is the military stance. Most people are mistaken for that to be the correct posture. They do so especially when they are asked to stand up straight.

Correct Posture Image For Sitting

correct sitting posture

Sit well back in chair with body in balance.

Besides developing good posture habits of sitting or standing, the strength of our stomach muscles also affects our posture. We need strong stomach muscles to hold us right. Weak muscles will cause our back to compensate and thus cause backache.

A good way to train these core stomach muscles are the use of ergonomic ball chairs.

This is how we should sit. However, we should avoid sitting for too long. Our bodies are made to move. Sitting for too long puts too much strain on our back.

Posture Guide for The Computer

posture at a computer

This is the ideal position for our posture at our workstations.

Bad Posture Picture at The Computer

bad posture at a computer

These pictures certainly remind me of ME. How terribly harmful these are for our backs, not to mention our necks and shoulders. I'm sure you can identify these. These posture pictures are included here as reminders of what NOT to do.

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Posture Image For Bending Down

posture picture for bending gracefully

Keep the back straight as you stoop.

Some Posture Help/Produdcts

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The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World

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A visual is definitely helpful when we are trying to improve our posture.

We also have real posture photographs of people with great posture.

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