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posture photos picture

This photo shows the right posture for a healthy back.

There is this misconception that you should push out your shoulders (like in the military), but that would make your spine too 'curved' and strain you back. See the example below.

correct posture

The correct posture is on the right. On the left shows how that man "straighted" up too much.

"Good posture may ease bad backs"

good posture will ease back pains

Snippet from article: A decades-old method that emphasizes good posture and body movement, known as the Alexander technique, may relieve chronic back pain, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

Alexander Technique

Posture Pictures For Children

Just maybe a few decades ago, learning good posture is part of the school's curriculum. Children learned the correct posture in school and emulated their parents.

Check out these pages of Posture Training for Children.

posture pictures for children

posture pictures for children

These pictures were taken from a guide published in the 1950s.

And...look, a posture contest by Barnard College in 1956!

correct posture training

It is interesting on how they used the word, 'form'. Good posture is a form, and that is why graceful carriage and poise is all about 'form' of the body.

In those days, good form and posture is both about health and beauty.

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