Correct Posture Photographs

Posture photographs
Jackie Kennedy with good posture.

The way we sit, stand, walk affects our health much more than we realize.

How we hold ourselves impacts our breathing and how well we breathe. That affects the amount of oxygen we take in. Good posture affects that.

Having good posture contributes to having an elegant poise, as most women would like to have, and having a correct posture is a large part of that.

Correct Posture Guideline

good correct posture
Sideview Of Good Posture

Remember this picture from our main Posture Photo page? This line is supposed to guide us to have better posture.

However, not all of us can imagine that line well. Thus I've included these posture photographs to aid that. Looking at correct posture photographs will help when your body is trying to imitate the correct posture.

Most people believe that good posture means to 'stand at attention' like they do in the military.

Actually one should look still, shoulders relaxed but stomach held in ('bikini squeeze'), as Mrs Kennedy has shown us in her picture above.

Another good example would to observe beauty pageants, where the contestants are trained on how to stand, walk and move gracefully (like queens).

perfect posture & correct posture
Good posture at Miss Crescent City pageant

Do you have rounded shoulders?

A common bad posture habit is have to have rounded shoulders.

correct posture photographs
Tried to find a better looking guy but...

And when they are told to stand straight, they push their shoulders too far back, causing strain on their lower back.

Notice how the woman on the extreme right puts on hand on her hip (in the above picture). That little trick is taught to us as a way to take a better photographs of ourselves. By putting your hands on your hip, you naturally stand in somewhat a good posture position, pushing your shoulders back but keeping them relaxed.

Try it!

Of course, this doesn't work for everybody because it depends on your existing posture.

Sometimes, after years of bad posture, your body is actually kinked to one side, and that is why some people do not have leveled shoulders.

Please see a posture specialist - probably a physiotherapist.

Posture Photographs

ballet for good posture
Ballet is excellent for posture training.

Posture training should start at a young age. I strongly believe in the education of ballet.

Look at how much help this little girl gets for good posture in ballet class. These good posture lessons will stay with her for life.

Audrey Hepburn had good posture

One woman whose posture I've deeply admired is Audrey Hepburn. If you watch how she sat, stood, walked and moved in movies and television interviews, you'll see what I mean.

he studied ballet from a little girl and once aspired to be a ballet dancer. When she was deemed 'too tall' to be a professional ballet dancer, she opted for small modeling gigs to make ends meet. Someone spotted her and now she became a film actress.

posture lessons

The need for posture training

For a long time, maybe the Victorian times up to a couple of decades ago, all students had posture training lessons in school. It is also common for parents to insist on the correct posture for children when walking, or sitting at the dining table.

Slowly, priorities shifted and posture lessons weren't important anymore. They aren't even taught these days!

Only in recent years, we have realized how good posture is related to good health. We are increasingly suffering from neck and back pains.

The introduction of flip-flops, has altered our natural walking posture and has caused us to drag our feet. Without access to regular posture lessons like people had in the past, along with the introduction of T-shirt and flip-flops in the last couple of decades has altered our stance and we now look sloppy.

The correct posture at work, especially the at a computer is most important, since many of us spend long hours typing away at our desk.

Poor posture will lead to musculoskeletal disorders, or more commonly known as computer injuries.

posture photographs

These were published in 1935. 1935! Posture Pictures was from GOOD POSTURE IN THE LITTLE CHILD by The Children's Bureau (1935)

posture training
Carriage and Posture training of Customer Service staff at the Beijing Olympics 2008

Upscale hotels and restaurants sometimes send their service staff for posture training. This is because they understand the power of posture in nonverbal communication.

Thank you for reading 'Correct Posture Photographs'!

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