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Posture Photo and Pictures

Posture Photo and pictures for learning correct posture, whether you are standing, walking or sitting at a computer. Your posture is important.

It is true what they say, posture pictures speak greater than a thousand words.

P.s, if you are looking for Ergonomic Pictures, relating to correct posture for sitting at a computer, you can view the previous link, as well as ergonomics pictures and ergonomics poster.

This is what your body is supposed to look like

good correct posture
Sideview Of Good Posture

This is what your body is supposed to look like when you stand properly. That is the mysterious straight line that everybody keeps talking about.

Myths Of Correct Posture?

If you read as many self-help articles about a correct posture and how to have good posture as I do, you'll often come across these similar advice, about standing with your back and head against a wall, to form a straight line.

Another common advice is to imagine a string coming out of your chest pulling you upwards.

What I've found in those two most commonly distributed advice is that the first one, gives me problem with my rear end. I can't seem to tuck my heels to the wall naturally and my back is not completely aligned with the wall. Thus, I don't know if I have a straight line as shown in the above picture.

In the second advice, I found myself standing like military shoulder, standing at attention at command. After reading niche posture books, written by doctors, dancers, physical therapists and posture specialists, I have come to realize that these posture myths should be busted.

Correct Posture Picture/Photo

I hope to shed some light on several more posture pictures and photos on this page.

correct posture

This is a better posture photo which shows an actual person with that imaginery line which guides us to have good posture.

correct spine for posture
Posture varies from person to person and can be interpreted as nonverbal communication.

The first one is the correct posture, the third one is the military posture which I was talking about. You should only have that posture if you're in the military.

A better picture of this illustration (as shown below) is found in this Chiropratic Wellness Canadian website on posture.

good correct posture

Correct Posture For Sitting

how to sit with good posture
Sit well back in chair with body in balance.

Besides developing good posture habits of sitting (or standing for that matter), the strength of our stomach muscles also affects our posture. A good way to train these core stomach muscles are the use of ergonomic ball chairs.

Correct Posture For Stooping Or Bending Down

correct posture
Keep the back straight as you stoop.

I hope you enjoyed this page, you can view more posture pictures, or photo related here. I also have posture photographs of posture training for a variety of purposes. Ballet, finishing school and the customer service executives for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (Click on link in sentence.)

Thank you for reading 'Posture Pictures and Photos'!

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For a healthier worklife and elegant posture.

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