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Posture At A Computer

What is the correct posture at a computer? It is important for our long term health have the correct computer posture. Having the wrong ergonomic posture will lead to both short term discomfort and long term Musculoskeletal disorders.

Note that posture at a computer is the same whether you are working from a laptop or desktop. However, to achieve the same correct posture at your desk, you may have to adjust components of your workstation, such as height of screen etc etc. See Computer Ergonomics.

Correct Computer Posture

You be already familiar with this picture from my Ergonomics Pictures page, or Posture Photos page. But this is the best computer posture pictures I've come across so far.

posture at a computer

To have correct Computer Posture

Get a suitable chair, hopefully height adjustable. (see ergonomic chairs).

  1. Sit far back in with your back touching the back support.

  2. Adjust the height of your chair by its function or stack phone books under your seat cushion. such that when you 'type' your elbows are at a right angle.

  3. Now check your feet. Make a right angle with your knees. Are your feet touching the ground? If not, get a foot stool or more phonebooks (I guess they are real handy now) to adjust your foot rest until

  4. your knees make a right angle like your elbows.
  5. Look straight and your computer monitor screen should be at eye level or slightly under eye level (to prevent neck strain).

  6. Adjust your monitor's height. (more phone books?) If you have already run out of phone books, you can check out some ergonomic monitor accessories.

  7. Practice good posture; do not slump in your seat.

Bad Computer Posture Examples

bad computer posture, bad posture at a computer

Good Ergonomic Work Habits

Now that you've established some good computer posture, also remember that you should practice good work habits. Because good posture at a computer is not enough if you don't observe these ergonomic practices.

  1. Get up from your seat and take a break every half an hour. Break up monotonous tasks and mix them up.

  2. Alternate your mousing hand.

  3. Rest your eyes by staring at a green picture or looking in the distance for a few seconds.

  4. Practice the correct typing posture by keeping your wrists straight.

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Thank you for reading 'Correct Computer Posture'!

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