Office Ergonomics Information

This summary of Office Ergonomics Information does not just refer to office workplace ergonomics but can be applied as home office ergonomics.

Office Ergonomics is important while setting up the office workstation; it should fit you and the type of job you are doing. When good office ergonomics is practiced, it would result in reduced pain in the neck and back.

Moreover you would have lesser occurrences of headaches and eye strain. Furthermore, the tendon problems which arise by doing the same tasks repetitively will be eliminated.

How Risky Is Your Workstation?

Your workstation should be ergonomic enough. Most work related injuries are caused due to bad ergonomics practices including repetitive, similar movements; your posture while sitting or standing; bending over and lifting objects in an improper manner; and applying force or pressure during some task. If proper techniques are not followed, these actions cause injury to you which cost you valuable time and money and affect your work performance.

By following good office ergonomics, not only will you feel more comfortable, the chances of injuries would be lowered. You will not subject your body to unnecessary stress by doing same task repetitively.

office ergonomics information

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Components of Office Ergonomics Information

Office ergonomics information is applied to a few specific areas.

Ergonomics is all about increasing your awareness.

It develops your consciousness of :

  • the placement of things at your workstation,
  • your sitting posture,
  • the length of time you stay in the same position,
  • the way you do your work,
  • the type of movements you make while working
  • your repetitive movements
  • and whether the equipment is suitable
  • Ergonomics is also about the suitability of the physical environment of your workstation like light, temperature, noise etc.

    Ergonomics is the one of the most neglected areas at work and the lack of it is why most workplace injuries occur.

    In the section 'Ergonomics in the Workplace' you will find summarized office ergonomics information with links within the article should you need to get more information.

    Applying Office Ergonomics Information Benefits Everyone

    If ergonomics is properly appled, then most of the cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back pain, eye strain and various musculoskeletal injuries can be prevented.

    The application of Office Ergonomics have benefited companies in terms of bottom line, lesser employee turnover and greater productivity and job satsifaction as show in these Ergonomic case studies.

    Industrial Ergonomics becomes crucial in those workplaces because workers there subject their hands are under repetitive and prolonged stress.

    They also lift heavy objects frequently. The employees also often find themselves in awkward postures for prolonged durations.

    Some of the reasons of why we continue to tolerate these work injuries or uncomfortable workstations, is because we do not know how to do it better.

    We also don't really realize that the lack of ergonomics is the cause. If we get backaches, we think it's because of our bad backs. Or we think it is aging and go for regular massages to try to combat the pain.

    Office Ergonomics Tips

    Here are some office ergonomics information tips on specific areas of concern.

    Work Area

    Your work area should be sufficiently roomy enough to allow you to place the things you need at your desk within easy reach, and your legs to have some wiggle room underneath your desk.

    It shouldn't be cluttered. You should ensure sufficient lighting with no one direct, intense source of light which emits an unacceptable amout of glare.

    Instead, you should rely on multiple sources of lighting.

    Office Desk

    The office desk should ideally be according to your height. Otherwise, there should be some facility to adjust it according to your need.

    A tall person would need the work desk to be raised and a short person would need it to be lowered. Though not always an easy process, but you should opt for getting an ergonomic workstation tailored to your preferences.

    If your desk's height is not able to be adjusted. You can adjust the height of your chair to match your desk. Then check to see if your legs are dangling too much which you are advised to use a stool or a stack of directories to ensure your knees make a right angle when you are sitting.

    See Ergonomic Pictures to view the right sitting posture for working at a computer.

    Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard

    The monitor, mouse and the keyboard also need to be adjusted ergonomically.

    Ergonomic Monitor, Ergonomic Mouse, Ergonomic Keyboard

    Usually, I wouldn't advise anyone to go buy a whole lot of products out there labelled "ergonomic", because it STILL may not be right for you.

    The only issue for your monitor is to ensure it is not glaring. You can reduce the brightness or get a monitor glare filter such as the Computer Anti-Radiation Glare Filter to reduce eye strain.

    However, I think the mouse is one of the first things you are advised to change, especially if the mouse does not fit your hand (i.e. is too large or is USUALLY too small for you). This should be a high priority should anyone mouses a lot, for work or does a lot of computer gaming.

    I also recommend a Ergonomic wrist glove . This is to prevent sore wrists which will lead to Carpal tunnel, which is unfortunately irreversible.

    As for your computer keyboard, it depends on how much you type and whether you can adjust your habits to only type where your wrists are NOT BENT, but rather typing in a way where your wrists are constantly straight. Imagine a ruler stuck to the back of your hand and running along your wrists when typing - this guides you to type correctly.

    When you are ready to explore other add-ons to enhance your ergonomic workstation, check out this list of ergonomic computer equipment,

    Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics

    The monitor should be placed in center; you should not have to twist your torso to view it.Ideally it should be placed at eye level; not too high, not too low. It will reduce the strain put on your eyes, shoulders and neck.

    You should use a mouse that fits your hand. It should be within an easy accessible region; you shouldn't have to 'reach' for it.

    The keyboard should be placed at a level where your shoulders, elbows, wrists and arms are not in strain.

    Office Computer Ergonomics shows an illustrative guide on how to maintain a good ergonomic posture at work.

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