High Back Ergonomic Chair Reviews
Looking for a High Back Chair?

High Chair Review - We review three high back ergonomic chairs made by top ergonomic companies.

A high back chair is specifically designed for keeping your body and mind relaxed from the pressures at your workplace. It helps in reducing stress and also prevents body injuries. High back chairs support the head, neck, shoulder and back.

There is a variety of ergonomic high back chairs available in the market. Let's look at a few of them...

Aeron Ergonomic Chairs

Aeron high back ergonomic chairs not only look cool but they are environment-friendly too. These chairs are 50% made up of recycled materials and are 94% recyclable. So these chairs not only benefit the person sitting in them but also the environment.

high back ergonomic chair
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

The manufacturer of this chair has completely redefined the concept of a work chair.

Its design is inspirational and it caters to the ergonomics so well that you simply can't believe. Aeron ergonomic chairs easily adapt to almost any body type, size and shape.

It facilitates all of your movements throughout the day so smoothly that you feel relaxed even when you are working. It gives your body a balanced support.

This chair, no doubt, is built on a human-centered design. You can be certain that you will get comfort while using it.

Its high back is contoured to ease the pressure off your spine. Its armrests are in a slightly sloping position at the back thus providing a comfortable support.

The front edge of the seat is designed in such a manner that it helps in reducing the pressure placed on the thighs, thus regulating the blood circulation and helping you in staying alert and productive.

The tilt mechanism of this chair helps in keeping your neck, shoulders, knees, hips, and ankles properly aligned.

high back ergonomic chair
These chairs come in different sizes - that's awesome.

This high back ergonomic chair has a 'PostureFit' feature which allows you to sit comfortably for prolonged hours. It provides a good support to your pelvis such that your spine is properly aligned and as a result you won't get backaches.

This ergonomic chair does not have cushions; it has a specially woven seat and back suspension material which conforms to your body contours and helps in relieving the pressure points on the body.

If you are looking for information on where to buy Aeron ergonomic chairs, go to this link: Aeron Chair by Herman Miller - Home Office Desk Task Chair Fully Loaded Highly Adjustable Large Size (C) - PostureFit Lumbar Back Support Cushion Graphite Frame Classic Carbon Pellicle

This Aeron chair was also voted the best ergonomic chair. It is one of the best selling and most popular ergonomic work chair.

Neutral Posture NPS6000 Series High Back Ergonomic Chair

high back ergonomic chair

Neutral Posture HighBack Chair

This high back ergonomic chair is suitable for those with broad shoulders and those who do not want much contour on the chair back.

This chair provides excellent support for the back and the lumbar region, thus appropriate for prolonged sittings. It comes with headrest and neck roll as optional features.

It allows adjustments for height, tension and angle of the seat as well as for height and angle for the back. Moreover, the headrest and neck rest can be adjusted too. It has a 360 degree swivel. The height and width of the armrest is adjustable allowing a 360 degrees arm pad rotation.

This high chair is marketed as the 24 hour chair, but obviously you shouldn't be sitting in there for 24 hours! But check out anyway, and compare it with the Aeron chair.

For more information about this high back ergonomic chair through the websites: Neutral Posture HighBack Chair

BodyBilt High Back Ergonomic Chair

BodyBilt 3504 high back ergonomic chair is intended for the large structured people. It is a very comfortable ergonomic chair. This chair has a neck roll besides the high back. It has a capacity for accommodating heavy weights. It is an ideal chair for heavy and tall people.

This high back chair can be adjusted to cater to your individual needs. If you are suffering from pain issues of the back, neck, shoulders and hips as well as from sciatica; this chair is the solution to all of them. This chair helps in maintaining the correct posture and eases the pressure points.

high back ergonomic chair
Bodybilt High Back Ergonomic Chair

This high chair has excellent lumbar support.

There are two options: the air lumbar and the foam lumbar support. You can use the air lumbar support to adjust the back's firmness to fit the natural curve of your back. The foam lumbar support, though, is non-adjustable but it is suitable for those people who want a soft contoured feel.

The headrest is heavily padded and gives a pillow-like feeling. You can adjust it according to your needs.

The seat padding has multiple layers of foam thus providing softness and firmness. The back rest also has good and comfortable cushion padding.

If you are interested in buying this ergonomic high back chair for your workstation, then you can purchase it online through here: Bodybilt K3507 High Back

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