What is Your Hand Posture?

Hand auflage pad pillow

We usually assume we have good hand posture when typing.

But I am sorely surprised when I read an exerpt of Dr. Emil Pascarelli and Deborah Quilter's book 'Repetitive Strain Injury: A Computer User's Guide'. I identified myself in more than one of these! I'm correcting these bad ergonomic habits now.

Generally, proper typing posture means to keep your fingers relaxed, typing lightly with wrists above the keyboard and having the mouse close by.

However, good keyboard posture is more than that sometimes. Do a self check now, do you see yourself as any of the below?

Hand/Wrist Posture Typing Styles


Resters lean the base of their hands upon the desk or the wrist rest.

This is harmful because it places point pressure against the carpal tunnel. It also isolates the small muscles of the hands and forces them to do the work of the larger shoulder and elbow muscles.

You'll also develop unnatural hand and wrists postures!


Not exactly a hand posture but sort of. This type of typing posture place their elbows on desk or arm chairs to type. This put undue pressure on the ulnar nerve at the elbow contributing to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Clackers or Pounders

Clackers and pounders hit the keys with too much force. This hand posture is harmful for finger tips and joints.

I'm a recovering clacker and pounder! Maybe I clack and pound because of intense concentration and focus. I need to loosen up.

A sub category are Pressers. They also put too much force when pressing 'shift' or clicking a mouse. It is certainly a stressful hand posture!


You guys hold on too tightly to the mouse! Enough said.

Thumb or Pinky Extenders

You hold your finger stiffly out while the others type. This separation causes excessive strain on the tendons of the fingers.

Me, me, me... I'm a Pinky extender. Especially on the right hand. Funnily, it doesn't go up when I drink English tea.

Tips For Proper Typing Posture

  1. Keep fingers relaxed and slightly curled.

  2. Tap lightly. Tap, not press.

  3. Ideally, your fingernails should be short.

  4. Move your fingers across your keyboard. Don't be lazy and over stretch.

  5. When pressing more than one keys, use two keys instead of stretching to use the fingers of one hand.

  6. Mouse should be held loosely.

  7. Keep your wrists off the table or any surface for that matter.

  8. Don't lean on your elbow when working at the computer.

Alright, I hope you have become a reformed typer. :)

Ref: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art52083.asp

Thank you for reading 'Hand and Wrist Posture'!

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