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Here are examples of the lack of ergonomics in the workplace.

See the four common mistakes that are detrimental to health and cause accelerated aging.

1. Chair is too low for Desk

bad sitting posture examples of ergonomics
Image via Neck Pain Facts

This will cause wrist strain, shoulders and neck ache.

How do you know that the chair is too low for your desk?

Anaylze your computer posture when working at the desk. The ideal posture at a computer is to have a somewhat right (90 degree) angle of your elbows and your knees.

See Ergonomic Chairs and How To Choose (or buy) an Ergonomic Chair

2. Upward sloping Keyboard

With this upward sloping 'ergonomic' keyboard, it is still difficult to maintain a neutral wrist position.

examples of ergonomic typing

This cause strain and extra stress when typing. If you have not gone for any typing classes, you are most likely typing in a way that best suits your body.

We most likely all have some of the bad habits of typing, as outlined in Typing Ergonomics.

Learning to type terribly is important, especially if your work involves a lot of typing. You'll not want to deal with Carpal Tunnel, because by that it is awfully uncomfortable, painful and cannot be reversed! (Yikes.)

Lucky, I quickly realized that I shouldn't be ignoring my sore wrists. After some research, I now wear a wrist guard while typing at my computer.

This Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace prevents carpal tunnel syndrome because it prevents your wrists from bending at an awkward angle when typing.

3. Use of Laptop as a full Desktop Replacement

Laptops are intially created to make the computer mobile, for people on the move for work. However, contrary to popular belief, it was not meant to be a full replacement for desktops.

Using laptops as replacement for your desktop can do more harm in the long run. You can run the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

One of the crucial points of 'why laptops are not ergonomic' is because the screen is too low for you and this causes the user to jutt out his/her neck.

This will throw off your posture, strain your neck and the pressure of the weight of your head on your neck can cause it to permanently form. This results in a forward neckposture, with a rounded, hunched back.

Please read more about Laptop Ergonomics.

4. Sitting For Too Long

Human bodies are not made to sit for hours and hours. We can't expect to sit for hours and not suffer some sort of physical consequences such as lower lumbar back pain.

Sitting still for hours puts immense pressure on your back - equivalent to a few times of your weight.

Get up and move about every half an hour or so. Also rotate your tasks, such as change mouse hands, schedule meetings in your 'breaks', do some filing etc. The key is to engage your body use in variety of ways (as opposed to typing all day long with a phone stuck to your ear).

The five main principles of ergonomics are

  1. Safety
  2. Comfort
  3. Ease of use
  4. Productivity and performance
  5. Aesthetics

A little short history on Ergononics

Ergonomics was studied and practiced way back when humans started designing and making things for their use, for example, the chair.

Before the chair came along, people either lay down, squatted or sat cross legged. Mostly likely they didn't experience back pain and neck pain like we do now. However, the term "Ergonomics" was coined much later on, approximately five to six decades ago.

With new industrial and office workplaces modernizing accordingly with technology, new ergonomic branches or schools of thoughts had sprung up.

Therefore the five principles of ergonomics can be loosely organized into these areas.

Read more about Industrial Ergonomics.

The different types of ergonomics below.

Physical Ergonomics

This is the bulk of Ergonomics-info.com. It is the study of the way the body interacts with the worker's tools, such as chairs, shovels, computers etc.

The effects of these interactions are studied further in forms of posture, musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive disorders, workplace layout etc.

Cognitive Ergonomics

This relates to the way the mind processes information. This is a study of how humans interact with data. Some examples of ergonomics in this area includes placement of signs, visibility and recognition, rentention of data.

Organizational Ergonomics

Organizational Ergonomics is concerned with optimizing the workplace, everything from teamwork to assessing teleworking and quality management.

Ref: *Adapted from Safety News and Reviews Uk

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