Ergonomics Training

There is a great need for ergonomics training for even the most common workplace. Why?

With people spending more than half of their workdays in the office environment, ergonomics play an important part of an employee's health but is often neglected until a musculoskeletal disorder is realized.

Musculoskeletal disorders such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome, back pain, eye strain etc. are common and affect a company's productivity.

Ideally, the company could share in the responsibility in ensuring the well being of their employees.

In the case of ergonomics in the work place, ergonomic training to all employees is a simple solution. You can start by furnishing the workplace with a variety of ergonomic computer furniture in the marketplace. However, we think that a more beneficial starting point would be to increase the awareness of applied ergonomics.

With ergonomic training, it would be easier to establish the ergonomic practices in the workplace. With a new-found education, your employees can instill a few changes of good posture, work habits and make a few adjustments for a better ergonomic workstation.

After ergonomics training, you'll be well informed and better equipped to buy the right ergonomic furniture such as the right ergonomic back chair. Furnishing your office ergonomically has long term benefits.

Where Can I Get Ergonomic Training?

There are economic courses and ergonomic conferences provided by companies.

It is recommended to have a select group of people in the company, for e.g. the HR personnel to attend ergonomic training courses, then return to train the rest of the company.

The most common type of ergonomics training provided is for office and workplace ergonomics.

Alternatively, hiring an ergonomics consultant to come to the workplace to train employees for a short ergonomics program can be done. They can apply their ergonomic training right away.

Some of these companies also offer ergonomics certification.

Alternative Ergonomic Training

How about taking it a step further? Have all employees go through an ergonomics assessment consisting of both posture analysis and current workstation analysis.

This demonstration is beneficial as it facilitates a deeper impression of ergonomics on each employee. It works like hands on learning. Some ergonomic consultants provide this service and can easily integrate an ergonomics program into the workplace.

You could also compile (or purchase Tools Resource Guide (RG) ) an ergonomic brochure of handy tips for every desk in the office. Employees can review it at their convenience. This increases the likelihood that good ergonomic practices will be adopted.

Another good idea is to have a little picture reminder placed at every desk. For example, this provides a convenient point of reference for employees.

ergonomic training
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There are also several ergonomic software available designed for employees. They can learn more about ergonomics by using the software, which is usually in a question-and-answer style.

It is useful and beneficial for the company when the awareness of ergonomics is increased. It has a long term health benefit.

Here are also a list of basic office ergonomics information ergonomic articles to start with.

Sounds intimidating? Don't be, perhaps you can start by watching a few free ergonomics videos here. All the best!

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