Mouse Ergonomics for your Carpal Tunnel

Ergonomics Mouse (Mouse Ergonomics, actually) for ! Why choose an ergonomic mouse?

ergonomics mouse25 Years of Apple Mouse Evolution

The Computer Mouse has a long history of the lack of ergonomics in design.

Health and Safety has become a huge issue for employers, particularly in the area of workstations and computer usage in the workplace.

The lack of ergonomics mouse can prove to be a very costly error to ignore the issues and can cause serious damage to their employee's health in the short and long term. So it is important to be aware while there is a mountain of information, guidance and rules and regulations governing the equipment and tools for use in the workplace, it is YOUR responsibility for your own health and safety. Thus. do not be afraid to raise concerns with your employer.

Don't Leave it Until It's Too Late

In recent years, the rapid growth in the use of computers in the workplace and at home for social networking and other leisure purposes, there has also been a corresponding increase in related injuries, such as repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel. Although these injuries are not exclusively the result of computer usage, the increases in use and the rise in occurrences does indicate there is a very clear link.

Both of these medical conditions are caused by continuously moving the hands and wrists in a way that causes strain and eventually long term damage to the muscles and tendons in the hands and wrists.

Both medical conditions may be treated by rest and surgery and pain medication, which may not be successful and the patient ends up with a life time of pain and suffering.

It would be much better to prevent the injury occurring in the first place by using a personalized ergonomic workstation and equipment such as the ergonomic mouse.

The ergonomic mouse encourages the user to position their hands correctly when they are using the computer keyboard and helps to reduce the level of strain which is put on the tendons and muscles by the repetitive movements required when using the keyboard.

Choosing the right ergonomic mouse for you, may require the some input from an occupational therapist that specializes in this area, especially those who know how to make ergonomic risk assessments.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us think to consult an occupational therapist or doctor, it may be too late.

Assume Your Own Ergonomics Mouse Responsibilities

Some employers will be reluctant to provide these more specialized ergonomic mouse's for their employees due to the additional costs involved.

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See also Ergonomics in the Workplace.

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