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Ergonomics Industrial. Industrial ergonomic specialists increasingly enforce the education of industrial workers and employers to safely design safe work practices and environments. An introduction to the science of ergonomics in an industrial setting.

What is Industrial Ergonomics?

ergonomics industrial

Industrial Ergonomics is a branch of the science of ergonomics.

In short, Ergonomics Industrial, is the study of adapting job tasks to human abilities and natural body movements. See Definition of Ergonomics.

Industrial ergonomic specialists analyzes information about the working conditions which industrial workers work under, their specific job tasks and use of equipment. They then design the workplace and work environment to help them work safely.

Ergonomics Industrial, typically means the study of manufacturing, engineering and construction type of workplace and job tasks. You can read more about the history of ergonomics to see how the study of Ergonomics has evolved.

Why the need for Industrial Ergonomics?

Aside from its obvious reasons for health and safety, research shows that an ergonomic work environment and ergonomic equipment reduces work related musculoskeletal disorders, greater comfort and higher productivity. This results in happier workers which reduces the turnover. Healthier workers reduces health claims expenses for the company too.

View some Examples of Ergonomics Industrial.

What are some examples of industrial ergonomics?

ergonomics industrial

A large percentage of industrial work involves the use of hand and power tools.

These tools not only requires fingers, hands and arms - they also involve standing or sitting in one position for long periods of time. This is known as static posture which stresses the spine and cause neck and back problems.

However, there is also harm in the complete opposite - excessive movement which also causes similar harms. The key to industrial ergonomics is good design, a variety of tasks on rotation and balance.

There is also the problem of tools. An industrial worker may have to use hundreds of different tools for work. They vary in different shapes, sizes and weight and not all of them have been designed ergonomically. Even if they are ergonomic tools, the worker may not use these tools in the right hand posture, thus diminishing ergonomic benefits.

Some power tools can't help but 'vibrate' when in use and the results on the human body are numbness, aching, stiffness, headache and blurred vision. Some of these effects are not instantaneous and slow develops without you knowing. The worst happens when one realizes they have become handicapped when their condition begins to interfere in their everyday life.

P.s. Did you can bring 'ergonomics' into your home also? Learn more about ergonomic garden tools, ergonomic kitchen knives, or ergonomic snow shovels in Home Ergonomics.

What Industrial Workers Should Look Out For

I believe in education of ergonomics and I hope every company, whether in an office or an industrial workplace should have access to some ergonomics help. Perhaps a routine class where one can get reminded of ergonomic principles or to have an in-house ergonomics specialists who walks around to supervise if equipment are using ergonomically.

Industrial Ergonomics Tips

ergonomics industrial
  1. Pay attention to your posture. Learn what is correct posture. Good posture maintains the natural curve of your spine, holds your head inline with your relaxed shoulders and your hips are aligned with your ankles.

  2. Do not twist and bend as much as you can. Refrain putting your body in awkward postures. Try to maintain a firm posture.

  3. Remember not to over-reach. Keep what you need close to you.

  4. Avoid mess and clutter. This will cause you to be exasperated and flustered if you can't find something when you need it. It may also cause costly mistakes.

  5. Take breaks.

  6. Stop if you are feeling discomfort or pain.

  7. Alternate your tasks so that your body gets a variety of movement.

  8. If you have to stand a lot, get 'standing mats' which cushions the pressure on your heels.

  • Read more about How To Choose and Use Hand and Power Tools To Reduce Risk of Injury

  • Another good site for ergonomics (industrial) is from Division of Occupational Health and Safety on dealing with the correct way to lift, how to deal with vibrations and the use of hand tools.


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