Ergonomics for Computer Workstation

Ergonomics for computer workstation can generally be split into two parts. The first part is learning about good work posture and habits which involves applying ergonomic principles. This is where this website can help you in your ergonomic education.

The second part of computer workstation ergonomics is either adjusting your workplace equipment such as your monitor, chair, desk, lighting to make it more 'ergonomic' or considering the purchase of ergonomic computer furniture.

I always believe an education in Ergonomics for computer workstation should be first priority.

Spend some time reading before rushing out to buy the latest 'ergonomic equipment'. Moreover, don't be fooled by an Advertiser's marketing lure. Not every product that has "Ergonomic" added to its title means that it is authentically ergonomic. (Double check with this website!)

The Ideal Ergonomics Posture and Position

Let's start with your working position.

Do a quick self check by cross referencing this picture. See also Ergonomic Pictures for a larger variety.

ergonomics poster

Click here to see Ergonomic Workstation Checklist

Other good ergonomic habits to develop is to take your eyes away from your screen every half an hour to 'rest' (by looking at a faraway picture),getting up to walk every forty minutes or so, or take a break. And mixing up your tasks so that you won't subject your muscles to repetitive work.

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Assessing Your Workstation

Is your Workstation Ergonomic?

Remember, you do not have to change EVERYTHING today. You can make small changes, one at a time.

  • Is your workstation too small and cramp for you? Maybe it's time to store those files under your desk elsewhere?
  • Is your desk full of clutter such that your mouse is not in an ideal position?
  • Is your desk at the right height for you? See Computer Desk Ergonomics.
  • If your desk is not at the right height, you can adjust your chair. If your chair is not adjustable for height, it is worth investing in an ergonomic chair.
  • If you do more typing than mousing, you might want to invest in an ergonomic keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard is designed to help your wrist maintain neutral position. Buying an ergonomic keyboard is one thing, learning how to type ergonomically is another.
  • Most people have a typing style as classified in typing ergonomics. Just ensure that you are not typing too hard, and overstretching your fingers.

  • If you do more mousing than typing, you should definitely invest in an ergonomic mouse. It was one of the best investments I've made since.
  • Last but not least, check whether your ergonomic monitor is at a suitable brightness. Not too glaring. Your lamp should also not be placed too close to your computer screen. It is better to have multiple sources of light and not one direct glaring light over your head or very near you.
  • For a more in-depth description, read Workstation Ergonomics, but these basics ought to keep you busy for a while.

    Remember, if you experience any discomfort, please see a health professional.

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