Ergonomic Work Chair

P.s. The following article is a shortened summary of ergonomic chairs. Go to our Ergonomic Computer Chair section for a more comprehensive write up of the different types of ergonomics chair.

ergonomic work chair

Choosing an ergonomic work chair can be daunting. There are many, many types of ergonomic computer chairs and various prices too.

Other common chair terms that have the same meaning, which are used interchangeably with ergonomic desk chair, ergonomic task chair and ergonomic computer chair as well. Their chair design allows the user to maintain a healthy posture for extended periods of time.

If you sit at your desk for a long time, it is advisable to invest in an ergonomic chair design.

Why invest in an ergonomic work chair?

The human body was not designed to sit for extended periods without interruption. When you do, you risk all sorts of computer injuries, not to mention very common neck and back pains.

Basic Ergonomics Chair Guidelines

ergonomic pictures

  • When you sit in it, check that your body is able to be reasonably upright. That you do not slouch forward because the seat is too long for you. This can be adjusted by adding an ergonomic seat cushion or back support.
  • Cross reference these ergonomic pictures for the right height of the chair because it will affect your elbow angles.
  • After adjusting to the ideal height or your ergonomic work chair, if your feet is not resting on the ground, you'll need an ergonomic footstool.
  • Types of Ergonomic Work Chairs

    Here are some of the different types of work chairs that are ergonomically designed for a healthier work environment.

    Ergonomic Desk Chairs

    The first type as shown in the picture below is an ergonomic desk chair.

    ergonomic desk chairs

    Ergonomic desk chairs are designed to support the user for long periods of use.

    SHOP ergonomic desk chairs here.

    Ergonomic Task Chairs

    The second type are task chairs as shown below.

    ergonomic task chairs

    Ergonomic task chairs have similar characteristics to ergonomic desk chairs, but designed for shorter use. For instance in a computer lab for teaching classes only.

    SHOP ergonomics task chairs here.

    Ergonomic Executive Chairs

    The next type are for those who want a more luxurious feel and extra comfort when working at their desk, which is the executive ergonomic chair.

    ergonomic executive chair

    Ergonomic executive chairs are the more expensive and luxurious versions of the basic ergonomic office chair.

    SHOP executive ergonomics chairs here.

    Ergonomic Kneeling Chairs

    There is this other type of ergonomic chair, which is the kneeling chair as shown below. I've not used it for long hours so I'm not sure how comfortable it is. However, you may click here to read reviews of this chair.

    kneeling ergonomic chair

    Ergonomic kneeling chairs let the user place their weight on the lower leg and knees. Some people call them good posture chairs.

    SHOP ergonomic kneeling chairs here.

    Posture Ball chairs

    Finally, there is the ergonomic ball chair which keeps you healthy and at the same time, works your core and posture. It is almost impossible to have a bad posture on it.

    ergonomic ball chair

    Ergonomic Ball Chair or Posture Ball Chair causes the user's body to naturally adopt an ergonomic position. You see some of them bouncing in the some offices.

    SHOP ergonomic ball chairs here.

    ergonomic ball chairs

    Ergonomic Ball Chair Spinoffs

    Ergonomic Ball Chair Spinoffs. This unique ergonomic chair adds all the things we love about our chairs. Swivels, arm rests, back rests.

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