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It's amazing how much we can learn simply by watching an ergonomic video. Here are some of our favourite videos on Ergonomics.

Ergonomics Video #1 - Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace Ergonomic guidelines. Check whether your monitor, chair is good for you. It also talks about how you should use your keyboard and your mouse. It is very general but great for starters.

Ergonomics Video #2 - Laptop Ergonomics

Very cute video with two 'ergo-girls' showing us how to adjust our bodies to the laptop. For non-ergo beginners, we both know that laptops aren't your top choice for an ergonomic workstation.

Although we try to limit or avoid the use of laptops, there are times that we have no choice. So this certainly is an informative use for laptop ergonomics.

Ergonomics Video #3 - Ergonomic Seating Advice

What is an Ergonomist?

Advice on setting up your workstation by ergonomist Emil Reisser-Weston from The ergonomics show was in response to ViewSonic survey of business users - details found at

Video of Ergonomics #4 - What is Ergonomic Typing?e

Computer Typing Lessons : What is Ergonomic Typing?

Typing lessons for beginners. Learn what ergonomic typing is all about in this free video.

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