Buying a Ergonomic Task Computer Chair?

Read this: Thinking of which ergonomic task computer chair to buy? Check out some of the best selling ergonomic task chairs here.

Ergonomic task chairs are designed for frequent use by many people, for short periods of time. You commonly see task chair used in airport internet stations, computer labs etc.

If you are shopping for an ergonomic task chair, it is also helpful to learn how to choose the right chair.

Anyhow, here are the top favorites ergonomic task chairs.

Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair

ergonomic body balance task chair

Though this is unconventional, it has been very popular with ergonomics enthusiasts.

Product Name is Global Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair

The Manufacturer's Description:

  1. Special engineering distributes body weight evenly.

  2. Seat height adjustment fits chair to your body. Strike the perfect balance!

  3. Designed with casual use in mind.

  4. Strong steel frame for durability.

  5. Dual-wheel casters for easy mobility.

  6. Easy assembly instructions included.

  7. 23"H x 18 1/2"W x 25"D.

  8. GREENGUARD certified for reduced harsh chemical emissions and improved indoor air quality.

  9. Backed by Global's limited lifetime warranty.

Where To Buy?

Office Depot

Ergonomic Task Computer Chair

Ergonomic Office Task Chair


Task Chair for Office or Computer Desk

Maybe you don't need a computer task chair, just something for frequent usage by many users, for short periods of time. For instance, a customer service station, service counters at banks etc.

Ergo Value Mesh Mid-Back Task Chair

Synchro-Tilt Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair

  1. Ergonomic medium-back task chair from Ergo Value; with swivel, tilt, and tension controls

  2. Molded foam seat cushion covered in stain-resistant black elastic fabric; breathable mesh seatback with nylon backrest frame

  3. Nylon base with 5 double-wheel casters; armrests padded with polyurethane

  4. With Seat cushion, seat back, and armrest height and armrest width adjustments; requires home assembly

  5. Assembled, measures 26 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 41 inches high

Designer Ergonomic Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

A little too pricey for a task chair but hey, if you own a designer company or office, why not? Impress clients and friends.

The Herman Miller chair is famous in Ergonomic Chair circles. It is the number one best ergonomic office chair. You definitely get what you pay for. Read more about the Herman Miller Chair in Best Ergonomic Chairs.

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat

Best Seller

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back with Black Eco Leather Seat, Managers Chair

German Ergonomic Task Chair

german ergonomic task chair

German technology, innovation and design have combined to create the unique comfort seating platform - Swopper. The Swopper Chair introduces the critical missing ingredient of motion to the seated task. This motion of the Swopper Chair is natural, fluid and intuitive, including tilting, swaying and bouncing, all simultaneously if desired.

Image via The Comfort Store.

According to,

Swopper Ergonomic Chair - Benefits of "Sitting in Motion"

  1. The Swopper Chair provides a fun energized experience while seated.

  2. The Swopper Chair strengthens core muscles of the back and abdomen.

  3. The Swopper Chair improves posture and stabilization of the spine.

  4. The Swopper Chair improves circulation to the lower extremities.

  5. The Swopper Chair improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs.

  6. The Swopper Chair provides natural pain relief for neck, shoulder and low back tension.

Shop or get more info on this German Ergonomic Task Chair.

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