What is an Ergonomic Task Chair?

This article tells us the definition of an ergonomic task chair. Read about the history and origins of the ergonomic task computer chair and learn how to choose the best ergonomic office task chair.

Simplest definition (via Wikipedia):

A task chair is a type of office chair that is commonly used in conjunction with an office desk. These chairs have multiple adjustments to be able to be used by many different users

Should You Buy An Ergonomic Task Computer Chair?

Task chairs are a flexible option for use in offices, because they are adjustable in many ways and suit many users.

They are designed for frequent use by many people, for short periods of time. You commonly see task chair used in airport internet stations, computer labs etc.

However, if you plan on sitting at your desk for a long time (greater than two hours) each day, you are advised to get a proper ergonomic computer chair.

Some less expensive ergonomic task chairs are adjustable in height, many of them come with fixed height arm rests. This is a danger!

They will affect the height of your computer desk, which affects the correct placement of your wrists leading to computer injuries.

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Choosing An Ergonomic Task Computer Chair

Choose an ergonomic task chair if there will be more than one users, and used only for short periods of time.

If you must get an task chair, buy one that is height adjustable with NO armrests. Better yet, include one with lumbar support.

Read more about how to choose an ergonomic chair or adjust the chair you already have.

Origins of The Ergonomic Task Computer Chair

Task chairs are commonly used in with office desks. Originally designed for frequent but short periods of use, earlier versions of the task chair were not ergonomic.

The designs of these task chairs were kept basic and simple and created specifically to be used by many different users. As a result, they often have levers located beneath the seat making its height adjustable.

All task chairs also include four casters on the bottom. This makes it possible for the user to roll easily from one place to the other while performing various tasks, hence the name task chairs.

It also makes it easier for the user to pull in toward an office desk in order to type, and then push away when ready to exit the chair.

To further aid in work efficiency, task chairs also swivel at the bottom. This allows the user to easily swivel back and forth between tasks.

It also makes it easier to sit in the chair and enter a workstation simply by swiveling the chair away from the desk in order to sit down, then swiveling it back toward the desk to begin working.

You'll see these basic task chairs in computer labs, airport internet stations, customer service desks, college classrooms etc.

Because they are basic, they are inexpensive to manufacture and produce quickly. As a result, they are very affordable and people started to buy them instead of a proper ergonomic desk work chair.

Manufacturers soon saw the need to produce the ergonomic task chair such as the Ergonomic Task Chair with Adjustable Arms , designing with the 'natural body form' and 'the way the body moves while working' in mind.

Though the new ergonomic task computer chair is still kept simple, you can still see additional ergonomic features such as lumbar support, adjustable armrests.

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