Ergonomic Table or Computer Table
Is your Table Ergonomic?

Ergonomic Table is also known as the ergonomic desk. It can also be referred to any table you dine on, or work on, even there are no computers involved. Learn to apply Computer Desk Ergonomics anywhere.

If you've been wondering if your dining table is ergonomic? Or whether the table that you work on (without a computer) is ergonomic, since no one writes about Table Ergonomics without referring to the computer. Or maybe you just refer to your 'desk' to 'table' and would like to know how to achieve better health. Then this article is for you.

ergonomic table

Over the years, people have become more educated on the hazards of too much exposure to computers. They are, through the education of ergonomics, increasingly aware of the strain and stress from sitting too long in a static position, whether it is an table they work on or computer desk.

Through ergonomics research, ergonomics equipment have been designed and developed to help assist the user's posture at work.

One of them is the ergonomic desk.

Ergonomic desks comes in a variety. They come in different shapes, such as a L-shape, desks with two tiers, desk which are height adjustable. These tables sometimes have fittings ready to add on ergonomic keyboard or monitor arms. Some ergonomic tables have a curve inwards, allowing the user to sit closer to the desk. Of course, these are computer desks or computer tables that I'm referring to about.

Ideally, an ergonomic computer desk should be able to adjust its height, the angle and height of the monitor shelf and keyboard tray. However, there are always ways to get round that. With the right adjustments, one can always assume a healthy posture and work-life.

Apart from having an ergonomic table or desk for work, the benefits of ergonomics are not entirely enjoyed if other ergonomic principles are not followed such as maintaining a good clean space on and below the table, having adequate lighting and taking regular breaks.

Tables on the Other Hand....

No one really talks about ergonomic tables. Simply because tables are multi-user (most of them) for instance, the dining table or the breakfast table or any work table for that matter...

Just like dining tables and chairs have standard heights, I'm suspecting that the non-computer table that you are working on is also of a standard height.

Apply Computer Desk Ergonomics

Now, your tables can be ergonomic if you just follow the same principles of desk ergonomics. Most importantly, identify the activity you'll be working on the most on your desk and analyze your posture. Try to maintain the correct working posture at all times. And move about, don't stay in one static position for too long.

Remember the right height for a chair that you use to sit on when working on your table.

When Buying An Ergonomic Table

We've already established earlier the reason why we entitled this page "Ergonomic Table" is because people not necessarily work on computer desks. People don't necessarily work with computers on tables, AND people don't necessarily work on a desk WITH computers. Like me, sometimes I take my laptop with me to work on the kitchen table, for a change.

First Steps, Are You Using A Computer?

It must be determined if the user will work with a computer or not. It should also be determined if the computer to be used is a laptop or desktop. Why? Because this will affect how you place your computer. Read more about this in Computer Ergonomics.

Most ergonomics consultants would recommend working with an ergonomic chair, even if your table is not exactly "ergonomic" or labelled as one.

Why? People who are used to working on a bed or on the floor can suffer from misalignment of the spine when there is not enough support of the sit bones.

Sitting that way makes a person slump forward and slouch. It places much pressure on the back or vertebrae.

When working on the floor, a person will feel uncomfortable after a while and change position so there is a tendency is to lean on one side. This puts pressure on one side more than the other as there is an uneven spread of weight.

Shopping for Ergonomic Tables?

Here are some recommendations

BUY Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk Computer Workstation

BUY The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk

This converts your desk to become a Stand up Desk and is height adjustable. (Black)

Pwr+® Adjustable Vented Laptop Table Notebook Computer Desk Portable Bed Tray Book Stand Ergonomic Design Aluminum Alloy up to 17" (Vented Silver)

This is a really popular, best selling product!

Ergonomics for Children

Children Should Not Use Dining Tables as Writing Desks

One Laptop Per Child - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (by)

Children should not be allowed to use the computer on top of the dining table as their wrists tend to bend allowing the arms to hang while using the computer. Kids must be taught proper posture and the right ways to use the computer.

If you are looking to buy a suitable table for your children to work on, play on, study on etc, the most important thing you need to remember is to ensure that it is height adjustable. Your children will grow in height and so you will can always adjust it according to their height. That makes a table very ergonomic. See also Computer Desk Ergonomics.

The height should be at the same level as the child's diaphragm when he or she is sitting.

What you can do is check if the monitor is eye level with your child. If not, this will create neck aches and misalignment of the neck.

The distance from the table to the chair should be approximately 8 to 12 inches or 20 to 30 centimeters.

Shopping for Ergonomic Tables/Desks for Children?

BUY Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk for Children

BUY ORE International Kid's Ergonomic Desk with Keyboard Tray

BUY PostureDesks Children's Ergonomic Height Adjustable "Skyler" Desk

BUY Posturedesks "Jayden" crank adjustable tilting desk with metal legs

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