Ergonomic Stretches and Exercise

Helpful ergonomic stretches and ergonomic exercises for good posture. You can do most of this at your desk.

This ergonomic exercises page focuses on S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G.

Upper Back Stretch

ergonomic exercises
  • Interlace fingers behind head with elbows out.

  • Pull shoulder blades together

  • Hold 5 seconds, then relax.

  • Wrist/Forearm Stretch

    ergonomic wrist exercise
  • Place hands palm to palm

  • Move hands downward, keeping palms together and elbows even.

  • Hold 5-8 seconds.

  • Wrist/Foream Stretch 2

    ergonomic stretches for the wrist
  • Place hands palm to palm

  • Rotate palms around until they face downward keeping elbows even.

  • Hold 5-8 seconds

  • Hand/Finger Stretch

    ergonomic exercises stretches
  • Separate and straighten fingers

  • Hold 10 seconds

  • Bend fingers at knuckle and hold 10 seconds

  • Separate and straighten again.

  • Back and Hip Stretch

    ergonomic back stretches exercises
  • Bend left leg over right leg and look over left shoulder

  • Place right hand on left thigh and apply pressure

  • Repeat for right side

  • Back Stretch

    ergonomic back stretches exercises
  • Lean forward

  • Keep head down and neck relaxed

  • Use hands to push yourself back up

  • Upper Body Stretch

    ergonomic upper back stretches
  • Interlace fingers, turn palm upward and straighten arms above head.

  • Elongate arms to stretch through upper sides of your rib cage.

  • Hold 10-15 seconds

  • Breathe deeply

  • Side Stretch

    ergonomic exercises
  • Hold left elbow with right hand

  • Gently pull your elbow behind your head to feel stretch in shoulder or back of upper arm.

  • Hold 10 seconds

  • Don't overstretch or hold breath

  • Repeat on right side

  • Hamstring Stretch

    ergonomic exercises stretching
  • Sitting, hold onto upper left leg just above and behind the knee

  • Gently pull bent knee toward chest

  • Hold 15 - 20 seconds

  • Repeat on right leg

  • Neck Stretch

    ergonomic neck exercises
  • Sit or stand with arms hanging loosely

  • Gently tilt had forward

  • Keep shoulders relaxed and downward

  • Hold 5 seconds

  • These ergonomic stretches has been adapted from Ergonomics from University of Western Ontario.

    If you feel pain, discomfort, numbness...basically not yourself, stop exercising and contact a health professional. This is a guide only.


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