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Deciding which Ergonomic Stool to buy? Read more about our Swopper chair Review. Swopper Special Edition Stool - The Most Comfortable Experience you can have

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When I was shopping for an ergonomic computer stool, I stumbled about the Swopper ergo stool. Hesitant initially, because I was looking for a "proper ergonomic computer chair" and I felt that somehow this ergonomic stool didn't cut it.

However, after some research, here are my conclusions of the Swopper stool.

I discovered the benefits of this ergonomic computer chair alternative:

What to Look for in Ergonomic Stools?

Ergonomic stools today are constructed to help users attain the right computer posture.

These ergo stools are designed to help your head and shoulders and back align perfectly for comfort and to give adequate support too.

Factors To Consider When Buying an Ergo Stool:

  • Flexibility. The seating platform that will allow access motion in all four directions while you are sitting

  • Adaptability; which is very important for people with different weight and height

  • That it is of the right height. See ergonomic pictures for better understanding of the right height.

  • Durability - according to how much you're going to use your stool.

  • Accessibility - where can you buy it? You should consider online stores which usually offer free shipping.

  • Price

It is not just about the shape and size of a stool, but also the comfort and how well it helps you apply the principles of ergonomics that should be taken into consideration.

Introducing the Swopper Stool

Why Swopper Special Edition Ergonomic Stool?

ergonomic swopper stool

The Swopper has been known to be one of the most ergonomically advanced, yet very surprisingly simple and realistic seating option. The basic logic that runs behind the design of the Swopper Ergonomic Stool is quite similar to that of the exercise ball chairs.

It will provide you with all the benefits and the comfort of ball chairs with the required adjustability of standard ergonomic chairs.

Read more about the benefits and 'hazards' of ergonomic ball chairs.

Benefits of the Swopper Ergonomic Stool

  • It retains the body on how you should be sitting properly

  • It prevents the hunched strong posture and ensures greater comfort

  • It improved posture and supports the upper abdomen and lower back

  • It also improves nourishment to intervertebral discus, thereby improving the circulation to lower extremities and assists lymphatic flow.

Swopper Ergonomic Stool's Product Information

With the use of the most advanced German innovative technology, the Swopper Ergonomic Stool has been designed for the individual.

It offers a truly evolutionary seating posture and platform that will allow you to have an access motion in different directions.

The Swopper seating position and the platform that has been created is just excellent.

It further introduces critical missing ingredients of motion into seated tasks as well. Sitting in a fixed position for a long time causes strain and stress to the back. Read more about computer injuries.

Swopper has a whole new range of natural and fluid intuitive motion to support bounding, swaying and tilting, thus making it adaptable to almost everyone.

The Height Factor

While most of the stools might not be meant for people of all heights, the Swopper Chair Stool is, or so far it seems. It caters to people of different heights and adjusts.

The height ranges from 22" to 27.5", just in case you would like to measure yourself in your ideal computer posture when sitting.

The spring tension has been designed to adjust and create a bouncy effect. Whether you want a softer sitting platform or stiffer, you can adjust accordingly.

The Weight Factor

The body weight of a person sitting on it "influences" the Swopper stool and adapts itself. I.e. it adjusts itself to you. That is why these self adjusting chairs, such as The Swopper and Aeron desk chairs are so popular these days.

For All Tasks

Just like how stools are created initially for multi-purpose use, it will suit all sorts of desk-bound tasks. I double my ergonomic stool as a desk chair and at my personal cocktail bar stool. It is easy to adjust the stool to suit whatever you need.

Comfortable Lateral Motion

The Swopper Ergonomic Stool offers quite comfortable lateral motion, which is believed to be the best thing about this stool. It ensures extended reach and also helps in maintaining a healthy posture. Read more about ergonomic exericses.

Do consider the Swopper Stool Back Support, the best companion for the Swopper Stool!

SHOP Swopper Stool Optional Back Support here.

The Swopper Chair Reduces Back Pain and Bad Posture

The usual office chairs tend to 'encourage' a lot of static movement and sitting platform, which is bad for health because users remain in a fixed position for far too long.

To compensate for their strain, users tend to have bad posture. Hunching over a desk can curve the spine, thus giving it an aberrant shape.

The Swopper Stool provides a much better sitting platform and a position that prevents a person from developing a hunch.

This reduces pain and encourages a normal and natural posture to support the spine and the body on the whole.

What is the Expected Price?

The listed price of the Swopper Ergonomic Stool is $825.00 but prices on starts from $569.00

What Users of The Swopper saying?

"I got my swopper chair delivered two weeks ago. It took 1 minute to assemble the three parts and I've been using the chair for work, eating dinner or just to hang out with friends since then. It quickly became a favorite seat for my boyfriend and visiting friends too.

We are all very active and the swopper allows one to stay in motion. It also helps me to keep a healthy posture.

People just look happier and have fun when they sit on the swopper as opposed to a regular chair.

The fabric on the seat is removable and is nice quality."

"The stool/chair has been fantastic and like many other reviews say, really does work and cure lower back issues. Not only that, it promotes the right posture, movement and active sitting. "

"It is well designed and appears that it will last a lifetime. It looks very cool. It seems to have improved my lower back pain. I am at the computer sometimes 10 or more hours a day! "

"Swopper allows the healthiest way of sitting: perching; for those long hours in front of the computer."

Any Complaints?

No major complaints but one guy who bought the leather version of the Swopper stool complained that its leather cover will not stay centered.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Swopper Special Edition Ergonomic Stool from Black Swopper Chair on and other similar websites.

You may also go to for more Swopper Chair Reviews

More Swopper Stool Reviews.

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