Benefits of an Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Learn what is an ergonomic split keyboard, its benefits where to buy an ergonomic keyboard (split) and how to use one.

ergonomic split keyboard

When it comes to working on the computer and typing, there's no other tedious task that can be as strenuous as typing. Many people experience pain in the hands or wrist after years or even a regular schedule of typing on the keyboard.

This is due to the fact that compression of a nerve in the wrist can occur, causing a tingling or even painful sensation near the thumb and other areas of the hand and wrist.

Many people suffer from carpal tunnel and must receive injections, wear wrist splits and sometimes limit themselves to keyboard typing activities.

However, one way to help prevent carpal tunnel, painful sensations and other disorders due to frequent typing is to use an ergonomic split keyboard.

What are Ergonomic Split Keyboards?

Simply put, companies that make ergonomic split keyboards design the keyboards with specificity to fit the position of the wrist and hands while typing.

Instead of conforming your hands to the keyboard, the keyboard is conformed to the natural way your hands, fingers and wrist are positioned while sitting at the keyboard or computer. An ergonomic split keyboard has one group of keys on one side of the keyboard and a second group on the other.

Fixed Split Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

A fixed-split ergonomic keyboard such as the Microsoft Wired Natural Keyboard Elite , uses a single board just as any other inline keyboard that a PC or laptop may use, but the manufacturer will probably curve the layout slightly.

Kinesis Freestyle Solo Ergonomic USB Keyboard - Black

KeyOvation Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard - USB - QWERTY - Black

The other type of ergonomic split keyboard is the adjustable split keyboard. Manufacturers of this keyboard split the keyboard into several independent pieces, allowing you to increase or decrease the space between the groups of keys, ultimately making it more personalized to your wrists and hands.

Benefits of Ergonomic Split Keyboards?

split ergonomic keyboard
Bad for your wrists, line should be straight.

The major benefit to using an ergonomic keyboard (split) is the fact that you don't have to strain your wrist or hands while you type and that you can keep them in a neutral position.

Instead of positioning your hands inwards while typing (as shown in the picture on the right), your middle finger is almost forced to be in-line with the wrist and forearm, preventing an unnatural strain from the regular keyboard.

When using an ergonomic split keyboard, you also won't be unnaturally holding your thumbs rigid or keeping your pinkies extended up or outwards.

Many people who use split keyboards find the positioning of the keys to be natural as well. Instead of forcefully pressing the keyboard keys, an ergonomic keyboard is designed so that you only have to use a light touch in order to type.

Two-and-three-key combinations also come easier when using this special keyboard. For example, you can use both hands to comfortably make complex key combinations like the "Alt," "Shift," "Ctrl" and "Delete" buttons.

Overall, ergonomic keyboards are not only easier and more comfortable to use than regular inline keyboards, but your typing speed may also increase because of it.

Since you're not straining your wrists or finger positions and holding them in awkward contortions, you can more easily relax your wrist and entire hand. Once you get used to this feeling and keyboard setup, your typing speed and accuracy will most likely improve.

Microsoft and Comfort Keyboard Company

Microsoft has produced several ergonomic split keyboards over the years, a recent one being the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 . This keyboard is a fixed-split ergonomic keyboard that's professional in appearance and pretty easy to use; it contains a 12-degree split between the two groups of keys that allows for reduced key reach.

This Microsoft keyboard also has a 7-degree reverse slope to fit your wrist more comfortably. On the other hand, the Comfort Keyboard Company makes the Black Comfort Keyboard USB, which is an adjustable ergonomic split keyboard. With this keyboard, you can rotate and tilt the three sections in any direction you choose, giving you utmost control over wrist and hand comfort.

As you can see, there are many advantages and benefits to using an ergonomic keyboard (split or not)instead of a regular inline keyboard.

The ergonomic design ultimately reduces any strain that occurs in your wrist due to typing, makes typing and reaching for keys easier and more comfortable, decreases chronic pain and reduces the chances for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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