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Ergonomic Snow Shovel Review

Why An Ergonomic Snow Shovel is Good For You and Where You Can Find One. Also about Ergonomic shovel use. Do ergonomic shovels work better?
ergonomic snow shovel

A snow shovel can be a major pain in the back - and there weren't many to choose from. Due to our growing awareness of ergonomics, manufacturers have listened, and thankfully there are more well-designed ergonomic snow shovels available for purchase today.

What makes these ergonomic snow shovels different from the traditional back breakers?

Do ergonomic shovels work better? The answer is yes, of course. Read on.

How to identify if your snow shovel is ergonomic of not:

For one they have wide comfortable handles, and the shaft is curved at an angle, making it easier to get the snow out of your drive or off your walks, with much less bending. This is excellent for those that have bad backs.

There are two different kinds of shovel heads to choose from as well. The conventional head (which we are all familiar with the traditional snow shovel). And now we have the shovel with a curved and grooved head, which is designed to push the snow out of the way, instead of having to heave it.

They are also wider, and have a steel strip along the edge, making shoveling much easier.

Where to buy an Ergonomic Snow Shovel?

There are many retailers carrying ergonomic snow shovels. They are available at mass marketing stores like Walmart, Sam's Club, and a variety of other local outlets. Though you may find more generic snow shovels, it is still possible to find an ergonomic snow shovel at these stores (now that you've read about the characteristics of snow shovels.)

If you want to find more specialized ergonomic snow shovels, going online to specialized websites are the way to go. (See below.)

One of these is This company carries a variety of different comfort tools, including the Back Saver Snow Shovel.

Back Saver Snow Shovel

ergonomic snow shovel

The Back Saver Snow Shovel has a contoured handle, which puts you in a comfortable stance, and you bend less while shoveling.

This ergo snow shovel also features a lightweight, yet strong aluminum handle, shaft, with a foam cushions D grip handle. The large blade is also made from aluminum, and has a reinforced edge that is steel. The length from blade edge to handle is fifty two and a half inches, and weighs just over three pounds. Best of all, this shovel comes with a full five year warranty.

The cost for this snow shovel is just $40.95, product number LWE-BSL.

Click here to see more information of the Back Saver Snow Shovel.

Suncast Snow Shovel

ergonomic snow shovel

The Suncast Snow Shovel is another option. More economically priced than the Back Saver Snow Shovel and available on, this snow shovel gives a run for the former's money.

The exact product is called Suncast SC3250 18; Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo, ASIN #B000A1E690 (from

It is probably one of the better buys you will find.

This ergo snow shovel features a bent handle, comfortable and wide grip. It has a ribbed steel core, the blade is 18"x12" and an overall length of 52.5"; The S shaped handle reduces your back strain immensely, has a large D grip, and a galvanized edge. This product sells for just $17.01, a savings of almost $13 over retail.

Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Ergonomic Shaped Handle on

Comparsion Shopping of Ergonomic Snow Shovels

Because ergo snow shovels vary greatly in price, you might have to shop around and find one that suits your needs. Spending some extra cash one that is made of a higher quality is necessary if you get more snow than average at where you live.

There are several different websites that show a multitude of different shovels from different brands and manufacturers...this is known as 'comparison shopping'. A good 'comparison shopping' site is They show a list of different kinds of shovels, where you can buy them, and the price offered. There is a link tab that takes you directly to the online store of your choice. Though I have to add that, they don't show is how much shipping is, so you have to search for that information at the specific outlet.

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