Picking the right Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Information of the different types of ergonomic seat cushions and chair cushions. They act like a posture aid and help, and helps you maintain a good back posture.

If you work in an office, you will probably spend at least eight hours. Did you know when you sit, there is about tremendous pressure on your back, equivalent to at least double your weight? You'll probably need some level of comfort and support.

For these reason, back and seat ergonomic cushions were made.

There is a variety of ergonomic seat cushions available in the market. They differ by material such as foam, memory foam and gel. They also differ in types.

Some ergonomic seat cushions come with a matching backrest. Of course, if you already have got lumbar support on your chair, you won't need an additional ergonomic back cushion.

Different Types of Ergonomic Chair Cushion

For the purpose of information, when I say 'seat cushion', I mean all types of ergonomic chair cushions. Shopwiki.com says it best. I've adapted their info and added my two cents.

Seat Options Include

ergonomic chair cushion

Lumbar Support Cushion

This will help carry the weight on your abdominal area between the diagphragm and the pelvis.

Lumbar Cushions

Similar to Lumbar Support Cushion. Helps you maintain a good work posture and ergonomics at your workstation.

See Lumbar Support Cushion "Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac"

orthopedic seat cushion

Orthopedic Cushion

This helps your body relax in a comfortable position.

See Tush Cush Orthopedic Seat Cushion

ergonomic back pain relief cushion

Back Support Cushions

This chair can handle the weight of your back as you lean for an easier position.

Back pain cushions

For those who have weak backs and need back pain relief.

See more information "Gseat GeM Technology Chair Cushion Back Pain Relief"

ergonomic massaging back cushion

Back Massage Cushions

Helps to regulate blood flow and relieve your stressed back.

Pretty funky looking, huh? :)

See Relaxzen Six Motor Massage Cushion with Heat and Eight Magnets

ergonomic lumbar roll

Lower back supports

The foam hugs the half of the back starting from the top of the buttocks.

See "Medic-Air Lumbar Roll"

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