Ergonomic Safety Shoes

Product Feature: Ergonomic Safety Shoes. We want to feature this footwear specalist who educates us on ergonomic safety footwear.

Website: FootWear Specialties, International (FSI)

FSI manufactures ergonomic safety footwear for industrial workplaces such as warehouses, construction sites, chemical plants, distribution facilities, airports, manufacturing plants, assembly lines etc.

They have several brands of ergonomic shoes such as "Skidbuster - Slip resistant footwear", "Nautilus Safety footwear" and "3rd Watch".

Why Ergonomic Safety Shoes?

ergonomic shoes

Traditional safey shoes have been designed to protect your feet from things falling on it, stubbing your toes into the heavy machinery etc etc.

However, perhaps due to the lack of sophisticated ergonomic study, they are so tough that it causes both internal and external body problems, such as blisters, back aches etc.

FSI takes it one step further by incorporating comfort and ergonomics into the design of the shoe. Actually, they take it TWO steps further by making these ergonomic shoes stylish as well.

The ergonomic shoes at FSI also test their shoes at an independent laboratory.

FSI do not just offer ergonomic safety shoes, they also offer high quality ergonomic shoes for hiking, athletes, steel toe slip ons etc.

Two Type of Ergonomic Shoes For Safety to Note

For Public Safety Officers

These shoes are made for our everyday heros, our police, firefighters, military, paramedics and security guards.

We know that they are on their feet alot, so comfort should be top of the line.

FSI recommends the brand "3rd Watch"

For Hospitality Workers

They are extra protected by a unique feature 'slip-resistance'. I can imagine if they are working where water spills, gravy spills abound.

Other excellent ergonomic features include: top quality leathers, moisture wicking linings and removable insoles.

They are also designed with the hospitality worker in mind to suit their uniform.

Click here to go to the website of FootWear Specialties International.

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