Ergonomic Purses
Are You Suffering the Handbag Syndrome?

Ergonomic purses for those who suffer back pain, shoulder aches, neck pain and wish to correct the alignment of their spine. See recommendations on where to buy ergonomic shoulder bags and ergonomic handbags. Also, see How to know if your purse is ergonomic?

Increase your awareness of good posture, ergonomics and uses of ergonomic bag to prevent back aches, neck pains, shoulder aches, slant shoulders and unnatural spines.

Is your purse giving you back aches?

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Any woman's wardrobe is incomplete without an accessible purse.

However, ladies tend to fill up the purse with all the knick-knacks that they may require. In the bargain they end up with a purse that is certainly too burdensome for their slender shoulders to carry.

This daily lugging about with a heavy purse may surely give you a shoulder or neck pain. So what are the alternatives to avoid getting caught in a similar situation?

Firstly you should try and understand that how your purse can damage the muscles in the back and shoulder and then look for suitable alternatives.

The reason why heavy purses cause stiffness in back and shoulder is because they induce an uneven distribution of weight.

While carrying a heavy purse on one shoulder the blood flow due to the weight of the purse gets unevenly distributed. The half that carries the purse is under constant duress and the muscles in that area get sensitized and may ultimately start aching.

This overload on one half of the back causes strain on the spine and back too and cause pain and extreme discomfiture. The pain may be in the form of stiffness, aching, numbness or just tingling sensations.

If we constantly only carry our purse or bag on one side, we would have most likely misaligned our spine. To correct this, we have to get into the habit of switching sides when we are carrying our bag.

There are a number of ergonomic purses available (see recommendations at the bottom of this page) that are specifically designed to be comfortable on your back and avoid any pain.

Different Types of Ergonomic Purses

The scientific technology behind ergonomic purses is that their design is such that it distributes the center of gravity thereby reducing the stress on the back, shoulder and neck muscles.

Ergonomic Backpacks

"Backpacks" are excellent ergonomic bags and are appropriate for people suffering from back or neck pain. Backpacks also have various pockets for you to be able to segregate and arrange your items accordingly and get the total weight distributed evenly.

They come with thick padded shoulder straps that don't unnecessarily compress your skin and are comfortable on the shoulders too. You may carry them across the back or on one shoulder and still move about comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design.

See also ergonomic shoulder bags.

The ergonomic backpack featured here is from: Maxpedition Vulture-Ii Backpack (Khaki)

Ergonomic Sling Backs

Another option for ergonomic purses is "Sling backs". They have a teardrop structure that tend to take the weight of the back away from the neck and shoulder and evenly spreads out the weight on the back making them extremely comfortable to carry.

The added thick and padded shoulder strap makes it easier for carrying without straining yourself. Use it for any purpose, as a gym bag, for college, for shopping or any other purpose, their design is such that they look smart with any outfit and suit all ages too along with being gentle on your back.

The sling bag that has been featured here is from: AmeriBag Classic Leather Healthy Back Bag tote Extra-small,Espresso,one size

Ergonomic Clutches

If you are not into backpacks and feel it would look inappropriate with your dress or for the occasion go in for smaller compact purses. Firstly, since they are smaller in size you will have to cut down on the things you put in it that would automatically make it light weight.

"Clutches" are a perfect example for compact small ergonomic purses. They are stylish and chic and would fit in your palm and cause no strain what-so-ever to your back. Keep a number of them to befit the occasion and keep only the essentials you need for that time in them.

The ergonomic clutch in the picture is from: Teemzone Genuine Top Leather Business Credit Crard Cash Holder Wrist Clutch Bag Handbag (Large, Black)

Other Ergonomic Purses - Is your Purse Ergonomic?

Alternatively, you may take "small bags with small handles" that cannot be hung on the shoulder.These too can be carried along without any straining your spine.

Even if you are carrying a "tote bag" with a long strap, ideally you should put the strap diagonally across the chest for distributing the weight. Alternating between the shoulders on which you carry the purse would also help a great deal.

Remember no matter how ergonomic your bag may be, ergonomic principles of good posture and switching it up (to minimize strain) always applies. Otherwise, your ergonomic bag would not be as effective to your health.

Shopping for Ergonomic Purses

If you are wondering where to go shopping for perfect ergonomic purses then internet would be of great help to you.

My favorites at - Shop for ergonomic bags.

When buying an ergonomic purse/bag...

besides looking for a spacious bag, it is recommended that your bag come with compartments. This is better for organizing items.

This is actually part of an ergonomic design, designed to keep it to a minimum the stress on the spine, neck and shoulders.

IN my opinion, it is better to be organized and carry lesser things around. What I do is I like to choose a smaller bag (smaller fridge/wardrobe as well..haha) which forces me to deal with clutter and get rid of things I don't need. The lesser weight you carry around, the healthier for your body.

See other ergonomic handbags.

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