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As they say, pictures speak better than a thousand words! Use these ergonomic pictures if you want to, just link them back to this site.

Computer Workstation Variables

ergonomics pictures

A good posture photo reminder when you are at work.

There are some varying discussions on the angle of your elbows and knees in the above position. Some say 90 degrees or slightly greater than 90 degrees. This is illustrated in the following images.

computer posture photo

Photo also seen in Ergonomic Computer Desk.

ergonomic pictures

Photo also in Ergonomic Training.

Posture Picture For Typing

posture picture

Notice the keyboard is downward sloping.

The areas marked in green are where you should pay attention to when you type.

Close up picture of how you should type.

ergonomic pictures

See also Typing Ergonomics - How to Type Safely.

Ergonomic Tips For Computer Users

ergonomics pictures

Image and tips from Berkley Lab (

Posture - sit all the way back in your ergo chair, keeping knees level with or lower than your hips; rest feet on the floor or foot rest.

Elbows - keep them in a slightly open triangle of ~110 o angle with your wrists straight.

Keep Things In Reach - center the most-used section of the keyboard directly in front of you to prevent overreaching or awkward hand/wrist positions.

Monitor - center it in front of you and at arm's length away; the screen should be viewable without having to turn or tilt your head (with or without glasses).

Typing - if inputting data from paper copies use a document holder.

Phone - avoid cradling handset between neck and shoulders; use a hands-free telephone headset.

Reduce Repetitive Motions - even the smallest movements when done hundreds of times a day can lead to repetitive stress. Use short-cut keys or macros to reduce repetitive keystrokes and mouse clicks, take micro pauses and/or vary your tasks.

Home Ergonomics Pictures

home ergonomics pictures

Diagram illustrating ergonomics analysis on National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation Page 74, Figure 15.

Author Thomas R. Waters, PhD, Vern Putz-Anderson, PhD, Arun Garg, PhD

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