The Ergonomic Mousepad

The Case for the Ergonomic Mousepad. Should you use an ergonomic mouse pad? This article discusses the use of 'ergonomic' mouse pads and its implications.

Question: When do you need an ergonomic mouse pad?

Answer: Only when the edge of the desk is cutting into your arms or wrists. You should also assess if the table or desk is too high for you.

ergonomic mouse pad
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Whether you're typing or using the mouse, your wrists should not rest on anything.

Conclusion: If you were to use an ergonomic mousepad as the picture shows above. The cushioned part of the ergonomic mouse pad is for RESTING your WRIST when you are taking a break from hammering at the keyboard.

You are not meant to type and rest your wrist on the cushion at the same time.

Why Can't You Rest Your Wrist On the Ergonomic Mousepad and Type at the Same Time?

Putting your wrists down increases pressure on the carpal tunnel/median nerve. This causes issues such as musculoskeletal disorders.

If the edge of the desk is hitting your wrist, the real problem is the height of that surface (desk), not the sharpness of the edge. A keyboard/mouse tray installed at the correct height will place the surface of the tray below your forearms.

This allows you to float your wrists and type ergonomically.

It may be difficult to install a tray under a glass desk as most trays are screwed into the desk above it, but you could get a laptop stand with casters to hold your keyboard and mouse. Check that it can be adjusted down to the correct ergonomic height, and that the casters are positioned so they won't interfere with your feet.

Only as a last resort should you use a wrist pad. The pad is there to protect your wrist from bumping into the sharp edge of the desk accidentally, it's not a cradle to rest your arms on for long periods of time.

The main point is that you shouldn't rest your wrists on anything while actually typing/mousing. Getting a puffy wrist pad makes the problem worse by raising the surface even higher. Try going down instead of up to solve the problem instead of hiding it.

Adapted and modified from, contributed by Curby.

Solution to The Ergonomic MousePad

Personally I use a wrist guard which fits like a glove with a padding underneath my palm.

It also has two hidden 'ruler' imbedded into the wrist guard. This keeps the correct alignment of my wrist and arm as well as my thumb.

ergonomic wrsit guard instead of an ergonomic mousepad

The ones I use is from IMAK Smart Glove. There are a few variations of it, without the thumb support etc.

I would recommend the one I use, as shown in the picture. Since then, I've said goodbye to painful and sore wrists! (I'm an editor, forever working on the computer.)

Imak Smart Glove Medium (Pack of 2)

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