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ergonomic mousepads

The manufacture of the ergonomic mouse pad is an attempt to improve comfort and ergonomic health of the desk-bound computer office worker.

These pads, made of high quality memory foam is designed with the shape of our arms and hands in mind. Not only do they offer support, they help to keep the wrists in natural position. This prevents the wrists from being sore and developing problems later on.

When placed in the right position, ergonomic mouse pads help you work better. It facilitates more efficient navigation, prevents vibration. It improves wrist posture and reduces strain on the wrist nerves. The right friction of the mousepad provides a better control of the mouse.

While these wrists supports are mostly inbult into the ergonomic mouse pad, you are not supposed to rest your wrists while typing or mousing.

Resting your wrists while typing contributes to Carpal Tunnel disease, one of the many musculoskeletal disorders one might develop because of poor ergonomic knowledge.

There are differing opinions regarding the use of wrist/palm supports, though if you apply ergonomic principles, you can reduce strain and facilitate neutral wrist angles.

Resting the wrist and palm on support while typing can inhibit the motion of the wrist and increase awkward wrist postures.

Do a Self Check!

Are you Using Your Ergonomic Mousepad The Right Way?

Your hands should move freely and your wrist and palm should not be resting when typing. When resting, the heel of your palm, NOT YOUR WRIST, should be resting on the gel cushion..

Even if you've got an ergonomic mousepad, you should still reduce the bending of wrists by adjusting other workstation components so that the wrist can maintain an in-line, neutral posture.

There are several schools of thought about the which direction and angle of your keyboard makes the most ergonomic sense. Depending on what is comfortable for you, remember your goal is to keep the wrist postures as straight as possible.

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