Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

Ergonomic Mesh Chairs review: See also why they are great for letting your body or back breathe.

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of ergonomic office furniture in the market. Every product offers and promises comfort with increased productivity in the workplace. The thing is comfort and ease of movement can vary between individuals and activities.

One such style of ergonomic office furniture that is increasing gaining in popularity is the ergonomic mesh chair. Usually when someone thinks of mesh, they may visualize a weak, flimsy material. Yet the mesh is not only built for comfort but it is built to last. The mesh in these chairs are strong and can withstand hours upon hours of use. For those of larger sizes, the ergonomic chair is perfect.

Why Choose Ergonomic Mesh Chairs?

ergonomic mesh chairs

Okay so you may wonder, why mesh? Well sit in a leather office chair for hours at a time; it gets a bit warm after a while, doesn't it?

For those who perspire easily, nothing worse then been stuck in a wet and sticky office chair. Being hot and sticky is very uncomfortable, especially when you need to concentrate on work. With its open ventilation that adjusts to your body temperature your skin is able to breathe.

The ergonomic mesh chair is great for those who spend long hours at an office desk. Even so, there are some things to consider before you make a purchase.

If you don't spend that much time sitting, you can simply get a basic model of ergonomic chair. You won't need the extra chair supplements like arm rests, tilt control and lock and casters.

Thankfully, more and more ergonomic mesh chairs are coming with the lumbar support, but there are still some mesh chairs that do not. So be sure you read the product descriptions before you buy.

Here is a quick review of the top three ergonomic mesh chairs currently sold:

Ergonomic Mesh Chair Reviews

High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair

ergonomic mesh chairs

Exact Product code: BT-6001-GYBK-GG

This grey and black mesh upholstery chair comes with nicely padded seat and back. The high backing will provide support to the upper back and neck area. Flexibility is easy with the height adjustable back and arms. The carpet casters are wonderful for those who spend their time on the move while seated. Other features include seat height adjustment, back angle and seat tilt adjustment, padded arm rest and seat height adjustment.

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Black Fabric and Mesh Drafting Stool with Arms

ergonomic draft mesh chairs

Exact Product Code: WL-A7671SYG-BK-AD-GG

With built-in lumbar support and black breathable mesh back, this chair not only offers extreme comfort and support but also comes with an attractive price tag. The back is contoured to fit the natural sway of the human spine.

With a 3-inch padded seat, you can swivel at 360 deg;. The arms, back, height, pitch foot ring and gas lift seat height are completely adjustable. This chair also comes with seat tilt lock and control, in addition to dual wheel casters.

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Blue Mesh Office Chair with Black Leather Seat

ergonomic mesh office chairs

Exact Product Code: CP-B176A01-BLUE-GG

With a blue mesh back, this is perfect for those who may only spend less than few hours a day the desk. The back is contoured and the plywood adjustable seat is padded with foam. There is a tilt tension control and dual wheel casters.

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