Ergonomic Lounge Chairs for
the beach? A massage or the garden?

Ergonomic lounge chairs can mean different things for different folks, as I've recently discovered. These chairs can mean everything from ergonomic beach chairs to one that includes a built in massager. Some need their ergonomic lounger to be a pretty chaise for the garden.

It can be difficult to... lounge around. Have you ever had similar thoughts before especially when you take a captivating book with you to the beach to read, or by the pool?

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If you are not looking for this type of ergonomic lounger, rather the ergonomic massage and lounge chairs, click here. Or Scroll below.

First I try lying on my stomach to read. After a while, my elbows get tired from all the weight and my neck hurts from holding my head in a jutting out position. My shoulders also feel like they might pop out of their socket. If I lie on my back, there is only so long I can hold the book up in mid air.

It definitely gets more comfortable on a lounge, better yet, an ergonomic lounge chair! I was so excited because I've never heard of it until I had to research one for this website!

ergonomic lounger
ergonomic lounge chairs

I wrote about this Ergonomic Beach Lounger in my Ergonomic Beach Chairs page, but it is so fantastic that I think it is worth mentioning here again.

Recommended by physical therapists, this ergonomic lounge chair provides support and comfort. It has three pillows engineered to relieve spinal pressure.

But that's not all. It is perfect when you switch reading positions, as I described earlier. When you lie on your back, the headrest acts like a neck-supporting pillow.

If you choose to lie flat on your stomach, you can adjust it flat and use the 'hole' (like a massage table) to read the book strategically placed under the chair. Goodbye shoulder and neck strain. I think that will be my favorite reading position.

There are similar variations of this Ergonomic lounge chairs (as featured on my Ergonomics Beach Chairs page)

Such as the

Ergonomic Comfort Lounger by Brookstone

The Original Beach Chair - Ergolounger Spa Lounger

New! But I didn't want duplicate content on this site on ergonomic beach/lounge chairs, because they can mean the same thing So I hunted around and found other options/alternatives for the ergonomic lounge chair.

. Ergonomic Massage and Lounge Chairs

These ergonomic recliners can do everything and just one product feature away from brewing your coffee!

ergonomic lounge chair

Product Description from Home Office Solutions

The latest advance in both massage and back-care technology, the HT-7450 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair by Human Touch, simply defies gravity's effects. Interesting...

When reclined, the back, seat and footrest synchronously move to position the body in a virtually weightless condition. From there, the patented Human Touch Massage System goes to work providing a deep, invigorating massage for the neck back and legs, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged.

This ergonomic massage lounge chair is sold by Home Office Solutions.

BUY Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D MP3 Arm Massage 02

Not really into massage?

There is another ergonomic lounger by Human Touch that does not come with the massage function. It looks better too.

'Perfect' Chair

ergonomic lounge chairs

Product Description from Home Office Solutions

(It sounds similar, just without the massage function)

This Perfect Chair model features more color options, ability to mix and match frames and upholstery, and an additional cervical pillow for extra support where it's needed.

Combining all the comfort of a zero-gravity recliner and the exclusive style of first-class furniture, the Perfect Chair by Human Touch is the perfect solution for an ergonomically sound living space. Come home and relax in the Perfect Chair, or create a home theater with multiple chairs and interlocking spanner tables.

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Click here for more Information about the Perfect Chair.

You can also customize this Perfect Chair in

How about an ergonomic lounge chaise for your garden?

Garden Ergonomic Lounge Chaise Chair

ergonomic lounge chaise chair

I'm not sure how ergonomic this is but the La-Fete Designs Wave-Cognac La-Fete Chaise Lounge Chair certainly looks interesting.

Product Description

Ergonomic chaise to sunbathe, read, sit and surf the web or just chill. Indulge with a VIBE massage pillow. All-weather Premium Yacht Vinyl Upholster.

The only question is...does that mean I can only sit in that one position? It would be interesting to try. Maybe it's so wonderfully fitting for my body that I'll lay there all day...

Get this Ergonomic Lounge Chaise from the Outdoor living showroom.

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