Ergonomic lighting For Workstation and Office

3M Polarizing LED Task Light Desk Lamp, Touch Sensor Control, 7 Brightness Settings, Easy Adjust, UL Approved, Black

If you're working on your desk, be sure to have a desk lamp. Although make sure you have other supporting sources of light. i.e. Your desk lamp should not be your only source of light.

Your desk lamp should have an adjustable arm and head so that this enables you to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

However, be careful not to place the lamp too closely to the eye level as this is too glaring for the eyes and causes eye strain. Though the ergonomic desk is not directly related to ergonomic lighting, choose a matt surface. A glossy desk surface will increase the amount of glare tremendously.

The 3M Polarizing LED Task Light Desk Lamp as shown in the picture above has these functions:

  1. Polarizing light filter technology reduces glare on surfaces which can help improve reading efficiency.

  2. Longer life (lasts up to 40,000 hours) and energy efficient LED bulb is anti-flicker and does not produce ultraviolet light.

  3. Easy touch sensor controls 7 brightness levels to customize your lighting needs from a simple task light to fine detail work.

  4. Highly adjustable with a slim and stable anti-skid base allows you to position light where you need it.

  5. Modern and stylish design in black to fit your office or home.

If You Work With A Computer

Choose a desk lamp that illuminates over a large area, instead of a small "spotlight". Do not direct your light source over the computer screen / monitor as this creates too much glare. Instead, direct the light to the wall behind your screen. This relieves some strain on your eyes by reducing the contrasts between light and shades.

Use Multiple Sources of Light

Do not rely on one source of light when working. Instead, bathe the room with multiple sources of light. Perhaps an overhead light, wall lamp, standing lamp etc etc.

If you have an overhead lamp, be sure not to work right under it. With the glare and the shadows of this position, it is not comfortable to do so anyway.

See also Monitor Ergonomics.


Sunlight is always a good source of light, except when it can be too glaring when it is direct sunlight.

Try to filter sunlight by working in a room with venetian blinds, or a soft translucent curtain. Don't work directly facing a window.

If you do, ensure that your windows are tinted or are fitted with day curtains or venetian blinds.

Ergonomic Lighting for Dining Areas

If your family works on the dining table such as tabulating the accounts, working scrapbook projects, arts and crafts or homework, you can also call your dining table as "activity tables".

These activity tables are a place for work and hobbies and eating, and that requires ergonomic lighting.

Again, do not place lamps directly over where a person would sit and work.

Adjustable, Multiple Light Sources

Rely on multiple sources of light and if it is a long table, consider hanging two or three pendant lamps so that the whole activity area would be bathed with sufficient light. You could also add standing lamps on the side for better illumination.

Rise and fall pendant lamps are perfect for adjusting the amount of light you need. Dimmers are useful too as they allow you to control the strength and intensity of light.

Ergonomic Lighting for Kitchen

Kitchen Ergonomic Lighting

Working on the kitchen requires more specific lighting requirements.

Ensure that your kitchen counter-top is matte and not glossy, to reduce possible glare. It is best to install worktop lighting with fluorescent tube (warm) or halogen bulbs under the kitchen cabinets. This would make your kitchen counter top an ideal place to work to prepare food, making the tasks simpler and safer.

Ideally, built-in lighting for illuminating kitchen cabinets makes it easier to find what you need (hence making it ergonomic lighting).

For cooking, be sure to turn on the lighting over the vent, so you can see clearly what you are cooking and where the flames are burning!

Ergonomic Home Lighting For Children

  1. If you have children in your home, remember to fix all cables securely for safety's sake.

  2. Keep exposed bulbs out of reach, which burn when touched

  3. Childproof all open sockets.

  4. Tuck wires away to avoid children from tripping on them.

Shopping Ergonomic Desk Lamps

See more ergonomic desk lamps shopping options.

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