My Search for the
Perfect Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

I agree, an ergonomics leather office chair simply looks better than PVC ones. Ergonomic leather office chairs just provide a little more style and more luxury. You're spending more than half your day sitting in that chair, why not go for the best?

So I had a browse around, and found pages filled with absolutely every imaginable design of ergonomic leather office chairs.

Firstly, not all of them are ergonomic. Just one look at the chair's armrest is enough to tell you that it is not ergonomic. It restricts you, you won't be able to sit closer to the desk.

Don't fall for marketing ploys by companies who simply label their office chairs "ergonomic".

See more information on How To Buy An Ergonomic Chair (for real).

The Hunt For An Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

To be honest, I was a little sad when I first studied ergonomics. In my mind, those French style study desks (those with the horse legs) and French country chairs that I was hoping to buy for my new home office were fast fading.

The more I read about the harms of working on a laptop, bad ergonomic designed desktops and chairs, even on your dining table and the associated risks of computer injuries, the more resolute I had become on an entirely ergonomic home. It added conflict to my penchant for style.

But what if I could find ergonomic computer furniture that had a better, more 'vintage' or a sexier design?

I decided on ergonomic leather office chairs. They make so much of a difference! They just look so much better.

But then, with my knowledge of Ergonomics, not every leather office chair fits my ergonomic it has to pass my minimum requirements as well. I have become a very demanding customer.

My ergonomic office chair has to:

  • be made of leather

  • be adjustable in height of chair.

  • height adjustable back

  • have adjustable arm height (minimum, I can do without the backwards and forwards feature)

  • be less than a thousand dollars
  • solid back support

  • be stylish in design

  • I can do without the

  • head rest

  • the wheels

  • whether it was man made leather or genuine leather - does not really matter to me.

  • arm rests - if it came with it, it's a bonus.

  • a wide backward bend - I'm not really a lean-far-back-to-rest person

  • Here are some of my findings:

    Eurotech Ergohuman Mid Back Leather Chair

    ergonomic leather office chair

    1. This ergonomic leather office chair has a soft, supportive molded leather back rest with self adjusting lumber support.

    2. It also has a seat slider, height adjustment and back adjustment.

    3. It features tilt tension control and tilt locking (great!) due to its unique ergonomic 'Syncro Tilt Mechanism'.

    4. Its chair arms have 4 way adjustable arms - height and width pivots.

    This definitely exceeds my expectations. It also meets (and exceeds) ANSI/BIFMA standards.

    According to the website that sells this chair, it is currently on sale $619.00

    Which meets my criteria of costing below $1000. :)

    And my essential style element verdict : I love that it is a very rich looking navy colour, with clean lines.

    I found this chair from

    Custom Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

    ergonomic custom leather office chair

    Comfortchannel makes fabulous executive leather ergonomic office chairs which are completely customizable.

    What an interesting color for an office chair. Of course, they come in traditional black too.

    It meets all my above standards except for one thing, it is slightly above $1000. However, as I stated, I seldom have use for armrests, so if I take that away, it will meet all the criteria.

    You literally make your own ergonomic office chair by checking off your own 'wanted list'.

    Example of customizable options,

  • Fabric options

  • Arm lumbar

  • Arm rests

  • Chair height

  • Sport form

  • etc etc. and many many more.

    Click for more info on this ergonomic office chair

    Executive Leather Office Chair With Headrest

     ergonomic executive office chair

    Summary of its features

    1. Top Grain Leather

    2. Adjustable Armrests

    3. Adjustable Seat Height

    4. 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt Back.

    5. Tilt Tension and Lock Controls.

    It was really tough to find an executive ergonomic leather chair. I was on the lookout for a simple looking black executive office chair. Most of the shopping options looked like 'Big Bosses' Chairs but they all had very rigid features. I even looked into whether I could screw the armrests off, because most of them are at an unacceptable height.

    Anyway, I've concluded that is one of the best websites to find chairs meeting and exceeding high ergonomic standards.

    I found this chair with a head rest, but there are other options without too, if a mid back chair is more your thing.

    SHOP Eurotech Mid Back Black Leather Mesh Office Chair - Ergohuman LEM6ERGLO

    Click here for more info about this ergonomic executive office chair.

    Final Words About Ergonomic Office Chairs

    There are many many ergonomic chairs in the market, but I urge you to do a little research on your own.

    First of all, grasp a good understanding on how ergonomics came about, principles and stuff. See my Ergonomic Pictures Gallery for a 10 second visual understanding on the ideal work position or work posture for your health.

    Have a browse around, or subscribe to my blog. Remember, just the basics would be enough. See also the left hand side nav bar to see which topic catches your interest.

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    Click here to Shop Ergonomic Leather Office Chairs.

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