Ergonomic Knee Chair

Wondering what is an ergonomic knee chair or ergonomic kneeling chair? This article covers what you need to know about Knee Chairs. Read about users feedback and see best selling knee chairs below.

Shopping for ergonomic knee office chairs?

The ergonomic knee chair is a chair that doesn't have a back, and forces the person using it to assume a kneeling position.

ergonomic knee chairs

This chair design helps create proper posture by moving the hips forward and keeping the back, neck and shoulders in proper alignment. The predominate support comes from the seat of the chair, with more support coming from the shin area.

Ergonomic knee chairs distribute your weight between your pelvis and knees, which in turn reduces spinal compression. In doing so it reduces the tension and stress in your lower back and leg muscles. The seat of the chair slants forward which in turn creates a natural position for your spine.

The best way to get on your chair is to sit on your bottom first and then place one or both of your knees in a comfortable position on the cushion. It can take some getting used to but these chairs are worth the effort and very beneficial for people that are experiencing lower back pain or discomfort. You can also consider switching during the day from your knee chair to a standard chair until you get used to it.

The knee chair, as with most other forms of seating, always provides the most benefit and maximum comfort when they are used for short periods of time. It is important to take breaks from sitting, getting up and stretching a couple of times an hour.

The average consumer feedback is that the ergonomic kneeling chair has relieved pressure on they lower backs, helps them sit up straight and tall at their desks.

It is also great for retaining abs while engaging them while sitting.

Users with herniated discs have also raved about how wonderful this chair has been for them, enabling them to sit at their desks much longer.

It has also helped keep them from leaning on their elbows and has improved their overall posture. Others have stated that they felt a release of pressure on their spines almost immediately.

Most consumers like the pricing of the of the Ergonomic Knee Chair along with its comfort however some thought the fabric was rough for kneeling on and that it was designed for taller people (the consumer was 5'6). They also felt that the angles may be too extreme for someone with severe neck and back injuries.

Best Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

The Best Selling Knee Chairs are:

ergonomic kneeling chair

Knee Chair with Metal Frame

More ergonomic knee office chairs

ergonomic kneeling chair

Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling Posture Office Chair with Reclining Back [WL-SB-310-GG]

The ergonomic chair - kneeling posture

ergonomic knee chairs
Office Star Ergonomically Designed Finished Wood Knee Chair with Casters

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