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Ergonomic keyboard Mac - Looking for an computer ergonomic keyboard for your Mac computer? Read about the best ergonomic keyboard for Macs.

First of all, I'm a serious Mac user and I've been waiting for a ergonomic keyboard mac for the longest time.

The only ergonomic improvements I've found so far is that the streamlined keyboard (without the extra number pad on the right) and the elevated feature which does take off some pressure off your wrists, but is STILL not ergonomic in the long run.

So I put on my Mac Blinders and Research Hat and SNIFFED out the best ergonomic keyboards for mac users.

Here are a few Mac Compatible Computer Ergonomic Keyboards that I've uncovered.

Wireless Laser Desktop For Mac

ergonomic keyboard for mac

Strangely, this is by Microsoft. I guess they try to compromise by making it silver to match it with Apple's signature silver or white.

The reviews are good, though the reviews for the other Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard are far far far better.

Though, one has to consider that Mac purists and fans would almost never consider looking outside of for their needs.

Features that I love

  • Comfort Curve keyboard

  • Mac-specific keys (yay for that!)

  • Programmable hot keys

  • High Definition Laser mouse

  • Magnifier, zoom slider (definitely useful)

  • For more info, or to see where to buy, make sure you include this specific product's name which is Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac-Silver ( 65U-00001 )

    Goldtouch Apple Compatible Keyboard

    ergonomic keyboard for mac

    Interestingly, you can adjust this ergonomic keyboard mac design both horizontally and vertically.

    From their website: The Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard allows you to adjust the two alphanumeric sections both horizontally and vertically to suit your individual body requirements.

    This helps you assume a more natural posture that is conducive to improving comfort and productivity while using your computer.

    Mostly positive reviews

    This ergonomic keyboard mac received mostly positive reviews. Here are the highlights.

    After my carpal tunnel became no longer ignorable, I made some major changes to my work space, one being the purchase of this keyboard. I love that I can split it in the center and raise either end. It works well with my Apple macbook and I was delighted to find I could use it with my HP Pavillion laptop as well.

    Only 4 stars because if I bump it, the arch in the center can flatten somewhat despite being locked. I find I have to reposition it every once in a while. Overall very pleased.

    Its product specifications Goldtouch Apple Compatible Keyboard - Keyboard - USB - ergonomic - white

    The remaining two are Ergonomic Keyboards Mac Compatible. They may not be specifically designed for Mac but they work just fine.

    Because we've already written reviews in our other pages, we'll keep it short and sweet and you can click on the embedded links to find out more information.

    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

    microsoft ergonomic keyboard

    This by far is the best. It has been voted number one by the most amount of people.

    Mac Related Features

    Compatible with Mac OS X v10.2x - 10.4x. Expose function will only work on Mac OS X v10.3 or later

    Users of Mac OS X v10.2.x must install IntelliType Pro and IntelliPoint software before connecting the hardware.

    Users of Mac OS X v10.3.x must upgrade to Mac OS X v10.3.9 before connecting hardware OR install IntelliType Pro and IntelliPoint software before connecting the hardware.

    For more information, we have a write up on this specific Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard here.

    Specific Product: Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000

    Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Set

    ergonomic keyboard mac

    Ergonomic Keyboard Mac Related Features

    Mac OSX (10.2.8 or later)

    See our review and write up.Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard

    SHOP for Ergonomic Keyboards for Mac

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