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The Ergonomic Keyboard Arm, also known as Articulating Keyboard Platform or keyboard arm mount and tray came about to increase the flexibility and adjust-ability of ergonomic computer keyboards. Following an introduction to the use of keyboard arms, we have also taken the liberty to recommend a few of our favorite keyboard arms.

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3M Knob Adjust Keyboard Tray, Standard Platform, Gel Wrist Rest, Precise Mouse Pad, 17 in Track, Black

Work was supposed to be made easier by computer systems. Until recently, all computers are still using keyboards as the primary input device; ranging from office computers to complex industrial automation systems.

The problem with that we are all different in terms of height, torso length, arm length. Keyboard manufacturers then realize the need for ergonomic keyboards and customizable ergonomic keyboard arms (amongst other related equipment such as ergonomic monitors, ergonomic back chair support etc.)

What is an Ergonomic Keyboard Arm?

An ergonomic keyboard arm is a specially designed support extension used to hold a computer keyboard. It is a movable arm designed to allow the user have a good posture while using the keyboard. This helps to avoid injury to back muscles and tendons caused by continuous typing.

Ergonomic keyboard arms probably came into existence when manufacturers were trying to figure out how can they make the ergonomic keyboard tray more flexible and adjustable.

Instead of having a fixed "drawer" like all keyboard trays, the ergonomic keyboard arm can adjust the keyboard position to left right, up and down. This is especially useful if you decide to rearrange your desk and move the height of your monitor.

At the end of the day, using a keyboard arm will contribute to a productive day at work with less fatigue and strain.

Buying an Ergonomic Keyboard Arm

Keyboard arms come with different levels of flexibility and modes of rotation. Some arms can rotate at any angle, tilt and be adjustable to suit all sorts of typing conditions and keyboards.

How flexible and adjustable should the ergonomic keyboard arm be?

That depends on a few factors, how many people will be using it, whether you will be shifting your monitor alot (for example if you are using a laptop decking station) or installing more than one monitor.

The more people per workstation, the more flexible it should be. Same goes if you require some shifting of the monitor at work.

The choice of a suitable keyboard arm should be in line with the mechanism under which your hardware is stored and functions.

For instance, if your workstation needs constant movement, then it means your keyboard arm should give you maximum flexibility. buy a keyboard arm

Where to buy an keyboard arm?

While Online stores such as will offer more competitive rates, offline stores that sell computer accessories will offer support on how to install. Speaking to a sales rep who is experienced in selling keyboard arms equipment is also able to advise you personally based on what workstation you have.

When searching for an Articulating Keyboard Platform, consider cost but don't compromise on comfort. While all ergonomic keyboard arms are designed for comfort, not all such keyboards will be suitable for every working condition. It is important to first analyze your working environment and needs before purchasing one. Read some product reviews and go to a store to test it out before buying, if you can.

Recommended Ergonomic Keyboard Arms

Below are some of the popular ergonomic keyboard mount arms and trays to look out for:

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer

Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk Keyboard Drawer, Black/Silver (9140303)

This ergonomic keyboard arm converts a conventional desk to an ergonomic workstation. It is easy to install and adjust according to your comfort.

  1. Height adjustable unit moves keyboard and mouse off the desktop to save workspace

  2. Keyboard tray features three height adjustments to suit preferred work position

  3. Mouse tray mounts to right or left side of keyboard tray or stows underneath when not in use and keyboard stopper holds keyboard securely

Waterloo Sit or Stand Capable Arm For Keyboards

Exact Product Name: Waterloo Standard Arm, Keyboard Tray and Mouse Tray Package

Waterloo Standard Arm, Keyboard Tray & Mouse Tray Package Black

This Waterloo Sit or Stand Capable Arm for Keyboards a set of an keyboard arm, a keyboard tray and a mouse tray. It features a sliding keyboard tray with an installation arm length of 17 inches. The tray and the arm can support a load of up to 100 lbs with a forward/backward rotation of 25 degrees. The mouse tray is designed to be stored under keyboard tray and is toughened with some metal inserts.

Click for more info or buy: Waterloo Standard Arm, Keyboard Tray & Mouse Tray

Ergotron Keyboard Arm Review

One of the customers who purchased Ergotron LX Wall Mount Keyboard Arm was happy with the product saying that it helped his back and shoulders to relax. Contrary to his concern that the arm would be shaky, he says that it worked quite well while typing.

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