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Ergonomic Foot Rest

Ergonomic foot rest - When do you need an ergonomic footrest?

When do you need an ergonomic footstool?

In STEP 6 of

Ergonomic Chair Adjustment - How to Adjust Your Office Chair For Ergonomic Benefit

It states,

When (or if) you raise the height of your chair, be sure that your feet are flat on a footstool.

You raise the height of your chair when you find your shoulders hunched up when working on your desk. If your shoulders are hunched up, the desk is too high for you.

You can either adjust the height of your desk or your chair. Given that most desks are of a fixed height, usually the office chair's height is adjusted instead.

This is especially common for people who are not tall.

This is when you'll need a foot rest.

Most likely your feet will no longer be flat on the ground when you raise the height of your chair, so be sure to get a footstool that enables you to get the 90 degree angle of your knees when you are working at your desk.

The Difference Between An Ordinary Footrest and an Ergonomic Foot Rest?

This Ergonomic Foot Rest is adjustable.

An ergonomic foot rest has height adjustable abilities.

An ordinary footrest or footstool has a fixed height, which is a problem because it can't provide the angles for the ideal work posture.

An alternative is to use a number of phonebooks, adjusting the number used to achieve that '90 degree angle' with your knees.

Where To Buy Ergonomic Footrests

Here are some of the best selling Ergonomic Footrests according to Amazon's sales rank.

Read also my favourite footrest of all time, the 3M Adjustable Footrest.

ergonomic cushion foot rest

This foot cushion works in a way your feet sink in to whatever height you need. It seems that you will naturally adjust for the perfect angles.

Foot Cushion, Half-Cylinder Design, Foam, 18"W x 12"D x 6"H, Black SAF92311

I would recommend this height-adjustable Kensington foot rest.

ergonomic foot rest

Kensington Solemate Plus Footrest,Hght Adjust,21-1/8"x14-3/16"x3"-5"

SHOP Webble Ergonomic Office Footrest (Black)

SHOP Fellowes Compact Foot Rocker (80240)

Fellowes Ultimate Foot Support (8067001)

SHOP Best Value Ergonomic Foot Rest

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