Ergonomic Exercises For Computer Users

These work posture exercises or can mostly be done in your computer workstation.

It is a good idea to take a break of a few minutes for every hour.

These ergonomic exercises can be done during these mini breaks to prevent computer injuries.

Do these exercises a few times. Try to relax while doing them and do them gently.

Do not overstretch, and stop if you are feeling discomfort or pain.

Neck Ergonomic Exercises

Neck Exercise 1: Head rolls

ergonomic exercises for computer users

Gently lower ear to shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Do this several times. Remember to do this gently and do not jerk your neck.

Neck Exercise 2: Head turns

ergonomic exercises at desk

Turn head slowly to look over left shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Do this several times

Neck Exercise 3: Chin tucks

ergonomic exercises at desk

Raise the head to straighten the neck. Tuck the chin in and upwards creating a double chin. This also results in a forward tilt of the head. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat several times.

Shoulders Ergonomic Exercises

ergonomic shoulder exercise

Shoulder Exercise 1: Shoulder rolls

Circle shoulders forward several times, then backwards. Repeat 3- 5 times.

Shoulder Exercise 2: Shoulder Stretch

ergonomic shoulder exercises

Stretch arm above head, cradle elbow with hand and pull elbow behind the head. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat.

Shoulder Exercise 3: Shoulder Arm Swing.

Get up from your desk, walk to an open space and swing one arm forward like a windmill. Swing it backwards. Now practice on the other arm. Repeat several times.

Wrists, hands and Arms Ergonomic Exercises

Wrist Stretch Exercise 1:

Ergonomic Wrist hand exercises

Interlace fingers, palms outwards and straighten arms in front. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat several times.

Wrist Rotation Exercise 2:

Rotate wrists clockwise for 30 seconds than rotate them anti clockwise.

Ergonomics Eyes Exercises

Every 20 minutes working at the screen, look out the window at a distant object for 10 seconds.

Place a picture of rolling hills or a forest (picture has to be mostly green) and rest your eyes by staring at it for a while.

Use these eye relaxing pictures, print them out at your computer or get them printed at a photo developing centre. You may share these pictures, as long as you link back to us!

ergonomic eye exercises

Download Ergonomics Eye Exercise Picture. I took these pictures in Muir Woods, California, where The Return of the Jedi was filmed.

ergonomic eye exercises wallpaper

Download Ergonomics Eye Exercise Picture 2

See Ergonomic Stretches.

Ergonomics Exercise Sheet

exercise sheet ergonomics

Via University of Western Ontario Ergonomics

See also Posture Exercises.

Is your Workstation Ergonomic?

Read through this Ergonomic Workstation checklist on how to set up an ergonomic workstation.

Modified Text and Image Source: Officewise - A guide to health and safety in the office and Your Workstation, Ergonomics Exercises for Computer Users or for Office Workers.

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