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Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Reviews
High Back Leather Executive Chair

Ergonomic Executive Office Chair Reviews - Reviewing the High Back Leather Executive Chair: A Dream Come True for the Executive Class

The high back leather executive chairs have always caught my fancy. They look so comfortable and professional, and I feel rather important sitting in one of these chairs.

They are usually expensive so when I stumbled upon this High Back Leather Executive chair that was affordable, I did a double-take after I read many positive reviews. So I decided to review this ergonomic executive office chair myself.

What To Look For in an Executive Leather Chair?

Whether you are looking for this executive chair in particular or other ergonomic chairs with a high back, there are a few factors to consider. I will be basing my review on these factors:

  • Adequate support for the back and lumbar in particularly with facilities like pneumatic adjustment of seat height
  • Waterfall like seat design is extremely important for eliminating leg fatigue and strain. This will keep your legs in proper shape and will prevent further pain as well
  • It is important for a high back leather executive chair to have upright locking positions too
  • Adjustability is very important and one of the most important considerations for all types of chairs and stools. Starting from height control to tilt tension control, everything should be flexible enough for the user to handle
  • The weight capacity is an important criterion, which cannot be overlooked
  • The fabric or material of the chair should feel comfortable to you - leather materials vary.
  • The size of chair must be relevant to your desk.
  • Price and overall value

High Back Leather Executive Chair- The Product Features

ergonomic executive office chair

Just by looks alone, this High Back Leather Executive Chair is suitable for all offices including the home. It has both asethetics and function.

Designed for Comfort

The High Back Leather Executive Chair has been designed for ergonomically with a higher priority of comfort. Unlike non-leather chairs, the cushioning effects of this High Back Ergonomic chair will not wear out after a whlie. It is well padded in a luxurious way making sittingf and working a more enjoyable experience. The leather material covering the chair also makes it low-maintenance as you can easily clean or wipe off spills. This is perfect for someone like me who tend to eat at my desk during lunch time (to avoid the crowds). The chair is also fairly big in size to ensure that it fits most people.

Built-in Lumbar Support

The best part about the High Back Leather Executive Chair is that it has a built-in lumbar support facility and ergonomically designed back rest to ensure that you get proper support and rest as you work. This is crucial for hours of work, as the lumbar is worst effected when you are sitting in an odd posture. The High Back Leather Executive Chair ensures that you are maintaining an appropriate posture while you sit.

Pneumatic Gas-Lift Seat for Height Adjustment

Having the pneumatic height adjustment feature is very important. The most important thing is that this ergonomic executive office chair uses a gas-lift seat for adjusting height. You can adjust the height according to your requirement. It is quite simple to use; not even for a single moment you would feel uncomfortable in changing the adjustment feature.

Perfect Locking Position

As you raise the height of your chair, you can as well lock the position upright. So, there is no question of lack of stability or a sudden jerk, which is quite common in most of the cheap executive leather chairs.

Say Good Bye to Leg Fatigue

The way this ergonomic executive office chair is designed, leg fatigue and strain is reduced. The waterfall design of the seat helps in eliminating leg and back fatigue completely. These are some of the common complaints that executives have reported over the years.

The chair is durable and has added softness with all its padding. This makes sure that you are sitting comfortably.

Chair Size

The overall chair measures 26.5 inches wide X 28 inches deep, and can be adjusted between 45 and 48.5 inches height.

The seat is 21" wide X 19.5" deep. It can be adjusted between 20 inches to 23.5 inches height.

Adjustable Arm Rests - The height of the arm is 27 ½ inches and it can adjust to approximately 31 inches. The chair can support body weight up to 250 pounds.

The chair is easy to assemble, and no additional tools are required.

What Should I Expect to Pay?

The listed price of High Back Leather Executive Chair on most ergonomic chair retail websites is $360

At Amazon, the price of High Back Leather Executive Chair is about $168 (at this point of writing).

What Users are saying?

Users gave this ergonomic executive office chair a very favourable rating - 4.5 out of 5 stars on

"Finally a Comfortable Chair for a Very Bad Back!"

"Great desk chair"

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Great Start and Super Finish."

"Excellent chair"

"Amazing and Simple to Build Chair"

Any Complaints?

Some users have mentioned that this chair is generally for tall people only; but this problem can be solved by using a foot rest. (You should be using a ergonomic foot rest anyway to prevent strain.)

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the High Back Leather Executive Chair from or related sites.

You can read the 61 positive reviews of this High Chair at

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