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  • how to buy a good ergonomic chair.

  • How to Adjust your Chair for Maximum Ergonomic Benefit (you might want to read this first to figure out if you need a new chair)

  • The variety of ergonomic computer chairs.

  • Keyboard Trays

    The keyboard tray facilitates the elbows and wrists to be in a neutral position when one is typing. This prevents carpal tunnel

    Cornell ergonomics has established that a downward sloping position of the keyboard is best for typing.

    Detailed coverage on ergonomic keyboard trays.


  • Typing ergonomics.
  • See the variety of ergonomic keyboards here.

    Monitors/Monitor Arms

    Check to see if your current monitor is ergonomic - Ergonomic Monitors for a more complete understanding.

    The Use of Monitor Arms?

    If you read deeper into Monitor Ergonomics, you'll realize that everyone should personalize their own monitor's height.

    It would be wise to invest in an ergonomic monitor stand/arm.

    Pointing Devices (Mice)

    Placement of the mouse is as important as the importance of an ergonomic mouse, one that fits your hand and the way you use it. Make sure you are sitting high enough to be slightly below elbow height so that your hand naturally rests on the mouse.

    Work Stations

    Workstation Ergonomics establishes that standard workstations cannot accommodate everyone's needs. Adjustable workstations and ergonomic equipment may be needed in situations when there are more than one person using the same work station.

    Some quick ergonomic work stations tips

    Ses OSHA.GOV for more ergonomic workstation suggestions.

    Foot Rests

    Preferably, use a footrest that is height adjustable.

    See Ergonomic Chair Adjustment for more information on how to use a footrest correctly.

    See also our recommended ergonomic foot rest.

    Laptop Ergonomics

    Laptops are not recommended for long time use - i.e. more than two hours a day. The use of laptop computers as full replacements of desktops can pose long term threats to health.

    See also Laptop Ergonomics for more detailed information.

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