Ergonomic Drafting Chairs
For Bar Height Workstations

Introduction to the ergonomic drafting chairs and stools. This article includes information on where to buy these ergonomic chairs. Drafting chairs can also be used in retail stores or any place or workstation that requires a 'bar height'.

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Ergonomic chairs (drafting) or ergonomic drafting stools sits you "higher" than your ergonomic desk chair where you would mainly be typing away at your computer.

Drafting chairs or stools were originally used by architects for drafting on large desks that were inclined to accommodate the large draft paper sizes.

Today, these drafting chairs and stools are commonly used at bar height work stations by draftsmen, retail stores, and internet cafes etc.

The ergonomic principles of sitting also apply to drafting chairs - back support, elbows leveled with the desk, eyes leveled with the monitor etc.

See also correct posture at a computer. Hence, a lot of the ergonomic features seen on regular office chairs have also been incorporated into drafting chairs.

The distinct difference between an ergonomic chair (drafting) and regular ergonomic desk chair, aside from the height adjustable features, is the ring around the stem of the ergonomic chair (drafting) to support the user's feet such that their legs are comfortably positioned at a 90 degree angle.

Height adjustment of the ergonomic chair allows the user to adjust the height to achieve an ergonomic position for the back, arms, body and legs. See also Choosing (adjusting) the Perfect Ergonomic Back Chair.

The designs of ergonomic drafting stools and chairs are also similar to regular ergonomic chairs with a variety of materials and colors (mesh back, leather, fabric).

Ergonomic Drafting Chair Reviews

See our favorite ergonomic drafting chair.

Where to Buy Ergonomic Drafting Chairs

Work Smart KH570 Intermediate Ergonomic Drafting Chair with Adjustable Footrest

Flash Furniture BT-659-BLK-GG Black Patterned Fabric Multi-Functional Ergonomic Drafting Stool

Boss B16245-BK Caressoft Medical/Drafting Stool with Back Cushion

LexMod Edge Office Drafting Chair with Feet Ring, Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat

Boss Fabric Drafting Stools with Adjustable Arms and Footring, Black

A few popular sites that offer descriptions and prices include

  • Drafting Chairs (ergonomic) at

  • Office Chairs on Sale

  • The Human Solution

  • ergodirect

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