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I sought to find out why this particular ergonomic desk chair, 'High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair' became one of the best-selling executive office desk chairs on

ergonomic desk chair

Flash Furniture High Back Ergonomic Black and Gray Mesh Task Chair with Adjustable Arms

On this page, I will be investigating the High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair (exact product code: BT-6001-GYBK-GG) and hope to find out why it has one of the highest sales rank on (at this time of writing), especially when I don't find it particularly attractive looking.

First of all, we have to establish that not all ergonomic executive chairs are made equal.

Apart from the obvious features like swivel, armrests, adjust-ability, we now have higher demands as office sedentary workers. The more time we spend on our chair working, the more ergonomic it has to be.

And so what should you look for in an ergonomic desk chair to fit our demands?

What To Look Out For When Buying An Ergonomic Desk Chair

  • Is it ergonomic? Did it pass the test based on the principles of Ergonomics for Chairs?

  • Does it swivel easily, can it travel well on the surface of your work floor or carpet, allowing your motion at work to be at easy?

  • Does it adjust to the right height to your desk? See Ergonomic pictures.

  • Are the armrests adjustable? Check that they do not hinder you from getting closer to your computer. If they are not adjustable, you are probably better off without them (either buy an ergonomic desk chair without armrests or unscrew them out).

  • What kind of backrest do you need? Do you prefer a high back ergonomic chair?

  • Do you like the seat? Is it wide enough? Does it have enough padding?

  • How long will you be sitting on the chair? If you intend to use the chair heavily, you might want to consider splurging a little, because in the long run, you can actually save money. P.s. I'll like to recommend the Aeron Desk Chair.

ergonomic desk chair

Based on the criteria alone, I guess I can see why this High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair is popular.

Here is what I know about this ergonomic desk chair:

Black and Gray Mesh Upholstery Padded Back

The most noticeable feature of this ergonomic desk chair is its black and gray mesh upholstery padded back.

This is most important in our moments of rest, as we lean back and sip our coffee. Otherwise, we would be better off sitting on an ergonomic stool.

Adjustable and Pneumatic Seat Height

I suppose this is what we expect from ANY office chairs we buy today, unless, you are buying them for a waiting room or something. So this part, I'm not too impressed.

The pneumatic function makes increasing or decreasing the height effortless when required.

Back Angle Adjustment

For the price, this feature of the chair is a huge bonus.

The back angle of this particular swivel chair can also be adjusted according to the need of the user. It is quite a distinct feature that will allow the back to rest and will provide the required angle accordingly. This makes sitting easier and more convenient to switch angles.

Tilt Adjustments also Made Possible

Again, yes, once again, this feature is also a huge bargain. I'm starting to understand why this ergonomic desk chair is a good value for money.

This enables you to get your preferred working posture.

Paddle Control Feature is Excellent

The swivel has excellent quality multifunction 3-paddle control mechanism.

The three major features of the swivel chair include its height, pneumatic seat height adjust-ability and seat tilt adjust-ability.

Well Padded Arm Support

This is one swivel chair that has the most well padded arm support if you compare other office executive chairs. Though I'm personally not a fan of armrests, for those of you who feel this is important, then you've got yourself what you need in this office chair.

Size and Weight

I don't reckon it's too large or small. It is a good size and a good weight to be moving it around (if you need) but I suppose this is subjective to the size of your office or working space.


With my favourite ergonomic chair pricing at $600 a pop, this chair seems like a more sensible decision.

This Ergonomic desk Chair - "High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair - BT-6001-GYBK-GG" is listed on Amazon for $289, but is on sale around $150. I can't give you exact prices here because it goes up and down.

But click here to see how much the chair is going for now.

Reviews of This Ergonomic Desk Chair

Do you have this Chair? Tell us What You Think.

"At 6'2" it's not all that easy to find an office chair with adequate support but this one aces it. The height of the back piece is adjustable as well as how far back it leans (think like a car seat), the arm rests move up as well as out and most importantly the seat height is perfect for long legs."

"very easy to put together, plenty of adjustments, good for taller people....just a little too firm for my taste...if you're looking for a plush chair, pick another but overall nice chair."

"This is the most comfortable office chair that I have used. It is also sturdy, and easy to assemble."

"Very comfortable to work sitting on this chair. Worth the penny you pay for."

"Easy to put together. Nicely adjustable. Very good lumbar support. The tall back gives support to my shoulders. Really comfortable, highly recommended."

Any Complaints?

Some users have reported that the arm rest is not well padded.

Others complain that this is not suitable for people who are "shorter".

For more information, please see Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair - BT-6001-GYBK-GG

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