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Introduction: More Ergonomic computer chairs. Explore good posture chairs, ergonomic kneeling chair, ball chairs and ergonomic knee office chairs.

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So continuing from our topic of ergonomic chairs, the next chair I would like to introduce to you is the...

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair

kneeling ergonomic chair

Kneeling ergonomic chairs let the user place their weight on the lower leg and knees.

This takes the pressure off the back and neck since they are resting on the support feature at the knee level.

This kneeling posture lowers the lower body angle and aligns the spine with the back, neck and shoulders. The seating position may appear awkward but is comfortable once the user is in position

This is also known as kneeling posture chair, ergonomic kneeling chair, ergonomic knee chair/office chairs.

One of the most popular kneeling ergonomic chairs is the Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair.

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Ergonomic Ball Chair.

Looking for ergonomic back chairs, design specifically for your back pains? You might want to consider ergonomic ball chairs.

ergonomic ball chair

The ergonomic ball chair is seemingly a simple innovation yet it is one of the most unique.

It causes the user's body to naturally adopt an ergonomic position. In addition, it strengthens the back muscles at the same time.

This is because the user subconsciously sits in an upright position since there is no backrest.

First time users might initially feel the strain on the back muscles and abdomen but this is a 'good pain' since these muscles are being used in a way unlike in a chair with a backrest.

It is also commonly known as an exercise ball. It is also known as a Posture Ball Chair.

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Ergonomic Ball Chair's Extra Benefits

There are also extra benefits for increased blood circulation in the legs since the user's body will need to move periodically to maintain balance and their center of gravity.

When buying an ergonomic ball chair, keep in mind these balls come in different sizes. So you should choose one that maintains ergonomic principles (see the ergonomic chair checklist).

ergonomic ball chairs

Also, using ergonomic ball chairs takes discipline in the beginning. It is easy to still slouch and lean on the desk with your arms while sitting on ergonomic ball chair.

Please also note that these ergonomic ball chairs should not be complete replacements of ergonomic computer chairs.

Ergonomic Ball Chair Spinoffs

There have been modifications to the ball chair such as a swivel stem, arm rests and back rests. While not detrimental to the body, these added features give the ball chair similar characteristics to an ergonomic office chair and take away the muscle strengthening benefits of the simple ball chair.

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Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic Armrest

ergonomic arm rest

The ergonomic arm rest is an accessory feature that is attached to the edge of the table.

It allows the user to rest his/her forearm and keep it aligned with the desk. This support gives the user a more relaxed and comfortable position for keeping the arms in the right ergonomic position. It also forces the user to adjust the seat height to adapt to the armrest.

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Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Ergonomic chair cushions provide more comfort for the user when sitting for extended periods of time. The soft padding is sometimes contoured to the users seating shape.

ergonomic seat cushions

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See also the variety of Ergonomic Seat Cushions.

Back Support

Looking for a good posture chair? You can add this back support accessory to your existing chair.

Portable lumbar back support have a curved cushion or lumbar roll that can be attached to lower back rest of the office chair. This supports the users lumbar region and is a simple, inexpensive solution to users with lower back pain.

ergonomic back support

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If you are looking for specialty-task chairs such as ergonomic drafting chairs, lab chairs, you can also custom make your own ergonomic chairs. There are some ergonomic companies out there that do that, google search to find them.

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