The Ergonomic Computer Chair
An introduction to Ergonomic Desk Chairs

Introduction: Learn how to choose an ergonomic computer chair that is right for you. Everyone is different. Also, get acquainted with the world of ergonomic desk chairs. There are many, many types...

A well-designed ergonomic chair is recommended for people who sit at their desk for extended periods of time.


The human body was not designed to sit for extended periods without interruption. When you sit for long periods, it results in prolonged and uninterrupted contraction of the muscles (static muscle work) which require longer period of recovery than dynamic muscle work (muscles used in movement).

The best ergonomic computer chairs are the ones with adjustment features for you to adapt to your work environment. In other words, you can personalize your chair to fit you!

When choosing an ergonomic computer chair design, you shouldn't have to adjust to the chair to be comfortable. It should suit you nicely and fulfilling the good ergonomic posture.

Checklist for Choosing an Ergonomic Chair

Choosing An Ergonomic Computer Chair

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Take this checklist with you when you are shopping for an ergonomic computer chair. Make sure that...

  1. Reasonably upright body (when you sit in it)

  2. Mouse and keyboard located close to the desk edge so that arms are not over extended

  3. Small gap (~4 inches) between keyboard and desk edge to rest the wrists when no typing

  4. Elbows level with desk surface when typing

  5. Feet resting on the ground or footrest with feet at a 90 degree; angle

  6. A lumbar adjustment (both height and depth) such that there is sufficient support to the inward curve of the lower back

  7. Screen positioned such that the top of the screen is not above your horizontal line of sight

  8. Preferably an adjustable armrest (if any), so that you are able to sit closer to the screen if needed.

There are a variety of ergonomic office chairs available
for purchase. The best ergonomic office chairs are the
ones that can accommodate the principles of good
ergonomic posture as outlined above.

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Ergonomic Office Chair and Ergonomic Work Chair

ergonomic office chairs

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The terms ergonomic office chair and ergonomic work chair have the same meaning - chairs that allow the user to maintain a healthy posture for extended periods of time. These terms have been used interchangeably with ergonomic desk chair, ergonomic task chair and ergonomic computer chair as well.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomic Desk Chair

ergonomic office chair, ergonomic work chair

Ergonomic desk chairs are designed to support the user for long periods of use.

This normally applies to office workers who spend countless hours in the day in front of the computer. In general, these chairs have features such as a reclining back rest, height-adjustable arm rests, swivel point and a height-adjustable seat.

These facilitate a good posture like the checklist of 'How to Choose an Ergonomic Chair' above.

Click to see why ergonomic mesh chairs (picture) are great for letting your body/back breathe.

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Ergonomic Task Chair

ergonomic task chairs

Ergonomic task chairs have similar characteristics to ergonomic desk chairs.

However, they are designed for a 'shorter use' or multiple use for many people, like say for instance in a computer lab class, where students come and go every hour or so. Therefore, they do not usually come with a lumbar support and arm rests. (Of course, there are some that have both as well.)

They are also made of cheaper material that is not as durable or comfortable. Well, if you sit longer in it than it's designed to be. Of course, they are more economical to buy. In other words, they cost much less than ergonomic executive desk chairs!

Due to large budget cuts thee days, these ergonomic task chairs end up getting used as desk chairs anyhow. It is not exactly a great substitute, ergonomically speaking. Ergonomic desk chairs are recommended over task chairs for extended use. I'd suggest bringing your own chair to work if your current chair is not ergonomic.

Shop best selling ergonomic task computer chairs.

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Ergonomic Executive Chair

ergonomic executive chair

Ergonomic executive chairs are the more expensive and luxurious versions of the basic ergonomic office chair.

They are definitely more comfortable and made of longer lasting material. They probably has innovative and special features for e.g. a meshed back rest, plane adjustment for seat, neck rest, leather material etc.

If you are considering an executive ergonomic computer chair, the most important thing to look for is its ability to maintain a good posture for the user over extended periods of use. Ergonomic posture is important, I can't stress enough!

If you do a little research and homework on buying the right ergonomic computer chair, you'll find that there are plenty of task and desk ergonomic chairs that fulfill this requirement without the label of "executive".

Without that executive label, you won't find the price tag associated with it.

From our observations, ergonomic mesh office chairs and ergonomic leather office chairs are the most sought after ergonomic work chairs.

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More Ergonomic Computer Chairs

Have you heard about kneeling posture chairs, such as the ergonomic body balance task chair and ball chairs? It is getting more popular with some work places.

Maybe all you need is an ergonomic chair adjustment. All you need are some ergonomic chair accessories like an ergonomic armrest, seat/chair cushion or back support. What are they?

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Do you have an ergonomic chair that you would like recommend to our readers? Which are the best ergonomic chairs? Or WARN them not to buy? We would love to hear your contribution in our Ergonomic Chair Review Page.

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