Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair investigates what is all that rage about the Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair. We find out.

The chair, also known as knee chair, consists of a padded seat and a knee rest, covered in fabric, attached to a steel frame and mounted on two sets of castors on a dual axle. The seat and knee rest are adjustable, to adapt to the needs of the individual user.

ergonomic body balance task chair

  1. Special engineering distributes body weight evenly. Experience the exceptional comfort this chair's unusual design brings! Body weight is evenly balanced between padded seat and padded knee supports, relieving pressure on the back. Kneeling position reduces stress and tension in muscles of the leg and upper back.

  2. Seat height adjustment fits chair to your body. Strike the perfect balance! Simple manual adjustments let you secure chair in the exact configuration you need for maximum comfort. Seat raises or lowers so that weight is evenly divided between the 2 surfaces. Legs are comfortable and upper body is free.

  3. Designed with casual use in mind. This chair positions the body naturally, in a posture that can be maintained comfortably for hours. If you spend up to 3 hours a day seated, it's ideal for your needs. You'll be amazed at the improvement over more conventional chairs.

  4. Strong steel frame for durability. Sturdy construction ensures your chair will last through the years - and stay looking as great as the day you bought it!. Durable fabric seat is designed to resist wear and tear.

  5. Dual-wheel casters for easy mobility. Light, mobile chair is perfect for the professional on the move! Twin-wheel casters take you easily from 1 point in your workstation to another - quickly, quietly and with a minimum of effort.

  6. Easy assembly instructions included.

  7. 23"H x 18 1/2"W x 25"D.

  8. GREENGUARD certified for reduced harsh chemical emissions and improved indoor air quality.

  9. Backed by Global's limited lifetime warranty.

Where To Buy The Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair

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Pros and Cons of The Ergonomic Body Balance Chair

Instead of placing most of your weight on your back and rear, as you do in ordinary ergonomic office chairs, the ergonomic body balance chair which spreads out the weight even more and engages your knees as support. Therefore known as the 'balancing chair'.

The unique semi-kneeling position is perhaps a spin off the ergonomic kneeling chair. The user adopt a semi-kneeling position which relieves back strain even after several hours of 'sitting'.

Does the Ergonomic Body Balance Task Chair Work?

Manufacturers claim that ergonomic body balance task chairs relieve spinal compression and reduce stress and tension in the back and leg muscles.

Some users report that they are a little uncomfortable to sit on, but that could be because after years of sitting on regular office chairs, their bodies might not be used to sitting in the semi kneeling position. It is also difficult to get up and sit down again as compared to the regular office chair.

Those who suffer from back problems however, say that their backs are less strained.

However, this body balance task chair does not come with a back rest option. I suppose it was designed for the user to shift their body weight forward, hence relieving pressure on the back.

Some ergonomists argue that the lack of a back rest causes curvature of the spine. Then again, this curvature is similar to when we are standing naturally so a great tip to using the body balance task chair, like all good practitioners - is to take lots of breaks during work.

Other disadvantages of the ergonomic body balance task chair are that they cause the shins to bear considerable weight. Do not use for more than three hours at a time.

The conclusion is, they may not be for everybody, though those with back problems will like them. Anyhow, try before you buy, or buy with a return policy. And remember not to sit on it for more than three hours!

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