Ergonomic Beach Chairs

Take care of your posture and back by using ergonomic beach chairs when lounging.

I had a browse around for ergonomic lounge and beach chairs. There are some that I've found.

The Ergonomic Beach Lounger

ergonomic lounge chair

This ergonomic beach chair is recommended by physical therapists (or so says this ergonomic lounge site).

This lounger provides optimal support and comfort as you lie down. It has three pillows which are specifically engineered to relieve spinal pressure and provide support at stress-prone points on the body.

You know how we all love to lie at the beach or pool to read? The way we hold our head up puts strain on our shoulders and neck, especially if we stay in that position for hours.

This ergonomic beach chair has a sloping headrest, very much like a massage table! So you can lie prone and read in comfort without the cervical hyperextension or neck strain.

ergonomic lounge chair

When you lie on your back, the headrest acts like a pillow which is designed to support your neck as well, as this apt description says, "creating a gentle stretch for the vertebrae to reduce stress and pressure on nerves."

The best part is that this ergonomic lounger can be manually adjusted to six different position and the lower portion folds down for use as a beach chair.

Click here for more information this ergonomic beach lounger.

Brookstone also offer similar ergonomic beach chairs, called the Ergonomic Comfort Lounger.

ergonomic lounger

Brookstone's Ergonomic Lounger

Unlike traditional loungers, Brookstone's lounge chairs create maximum comfort by reducing tension in the back and neck.

Like a spa massage chair, this pool chaise lounge allows you to lie on your stomach without hyper-extending your neck--thanks to a patented ergonomic facial cutout.

Meanwhile, the abdominal pad eliminates stress on the lumbar spine.

Want to be face-up? The pillows adjust to support your lower back and neck in that position, too.

This ergonomic lounger is medically endorsed and recommended by chiropractors! It adjusts to six positions for sitting, reclining or lying down, with three movable pillows for custom support. The facial cutaway has 18" ground clearance for comfortable reading.

Available in Navy or Green, and holds up to 300 lbs. 23" w x 75" l x 17 1/2" h.

Note: This beach lounge chair is perfect for anyone who suffers from back problems, arthritis, muscle spasms, or tightness. Order yours today, and start basking in total comfort!

Click here for more information about Ergonomic Comfort Lounger by Brookstone

The Original Beach Chair

ergonomic lounge chairs

I'm not sure where these ergonomic beach chairs originated from but the manufacturer of this chair, Ergolounger says that its Ergo Lounger OH, claims it is The Original Beach Chair or Pool Chaise.

This is the more luxurious spa version.

Whether comfortably lying face down or in the prone position, the Ergolounger Spa allows the relaxation of tense, stressed muscles, with proper support for the head, neck, and lower back.

Since the Ergolounger Spa passively stretches the vertebrae to relieve nerve and disk pressure, it is the ultimate portable therapeutic lounge chair built to last. Great for Pool and Beach.

Click here for more information about the Ergolounger Spa Lounger

Shopping Ergonomic Beach Chairs

Ergolounger - Ergonomic Aluminum Portable Chaise Lounge Oh - Ergo Lounger Face Down Lounge Chair

Super Deluxe Padded 3 in 1 Beach Chair / Lounger

Outsunny Folding Face Down Opening Beach Sun Lounger, Green

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