The Ergonomic Ball Chair

Introduction: What is an ergonomic ball chair? How did it come about? What are the back posture support benefits? Read this page to make an informed decision.

The ergonomic exercise ball chair is derived from its popular older brother, the exercise ball.

Due to its growing popularity of being an alternative to the computer chair...the ergonomic ball chair was invented, adding the features of the traditional office chair, like icing on the cake.

This chair has successfully combined the benefits of the exercise posture ball of proper posture, strengthening of core muscles (stomach and back) and the ease of back pain AND additional back posture support capabilities of an ergonomic chair, such as easy-glide casters, adjustable support bar, back supports etc.

Examples Of Ball Chairs Ergonomic

Though the variety is not as much as traditional ergonomic chairs, there are a few to choose from.

ball chair review

They come with arm rest choices, easy glide casters and different kind of back posture support.

You can also adjust the height of the chair by controlling the amount of air in the ball. You can detach the exercise ball in most of them.

They even make them for children! I think this is important because our children are growing up in the information age, computer age and use the computer a lot for learning, entertainment etc etc.

IMPORTANT! See also how to apply ergonomics when using your chair in Ergonomic Pictures and How to choose an Ergonomic Chair.

Computer Ball Chair Considerations

There are some ergonomic conditions to consider.

While the ergonomic ball chair has received rave reviews from its users, some health professionals warn against the excessive use of these ergo-posture ball chairs. Most of them go as far as to exclaim that it SHOULD NOT be a replacement for an ergonomic computer chair.

See our Ergo Ball Chair review page to see more information.

Our view on it?

Limit excessive use and yes, do not use it as a complete replacement of your office chair. See a health professional for more information.

An interesting note: Some users prefer the original exercise ball. Maybe they enjoy bouncing around since this computer posture ball chair admittedly looks restrictive.

ergonomic ball chairs

Though, the most popular ball chair is the Gaiam ball chair.

Gaiam Ball Chair

It has received a heck lot of positive reviews on Amazon. (Click the previous link to see).

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