How To Buy Ergonomic Back Supports

Here are few things to keep in mind when shopping for ergonomic back supports or for a computer back chair ergonomic support. An ergonomic back support is vital if your ergonomic chair is not providing a customized support for your back.

When you are sitting properly in a chair, ergonomic chair or not, you are may not be getting the FULL back support you really need, especially for your lower back.

Over time, this can cause a lot of back and neck pain. That is where ergonomic back supports come into play.

ergonomic back supports
PosturePro Lumbar Support

Do You Need Additional Ergonomic Back Support?

First question to ask, is your the back of your ergonomic chair 'too deep'?

Deep chairs will require a thicker cushioned back support. It is "too deep" if you sit in until the back of your knees touch the seat, and YET, there is no support for your back if you sit up in an upright position or lean slightly backwards.

If your chair is too narrow, this means that you can't sit in until the back of your knees touch cushion. Your ergonomic back support may be too thick and you'll need thinner cushions for ergonomic back support instead.

Back injuries and discomfort can be prevented through good posture aided with the help of ergonomic back supports.

How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Back Support

The lower area of the chair should provide full contact to support your lower back. Without this support, pressure is put on the lower back and travels all the way to the shoulders.

Select a back cushion that encourages the 2 to 4 finger space between seat and back of knees. Some chairs are too deep and need a thicker cushion while other seats are too narrow, requiring a thinner back cushion.

Using a back or seat cushion takes the discomfort out of dining room seating, bucket seats in cars and metal folding chairs or an improperly sized ergonomic chairs. This is especially important if you have a really bad back.

Of course, refrain from sitting in one place for too long.

Did you know?

The pressure on your back when sitting is about two to three times your body weight!

Sitting properly also helps elevate back pain. See posture photos on how to sit correctly.

Shopping For Ergonomic Back Supports

When shopping for ergonomic back supports, looking out for these things:

  • 1. Back Ergonomic Support

  • 2. Proper Cushioning

  • 3. Adjustability

  • 4. Structure

Back Ergonomic Support

First choose by 'feeling'. Find the one with whose curvature best fits the shape of your back. That way you'll feel the most supported.

Also choose the back support that helps you maintain the right sitting posture. This aids to avoid excessive stress on your spine.

Look out for ergonomic back supports with a specific lumber support. This can relief stress on the lower back.

Proper cushioning

Choosing the right cushion is also vital.

Comfort is the first consideration. However, beware of "too much of comfort is not good" especially when it causes you to "sink in".

If the chair has thick soft cushioning then it restricts us to get up easily. It is probably too soft or too thin for you.

If I can offer my two cents worth, get a good quality cushion. Check its tester-cushions. If it already has lost shape due to the many testers, then maybe it's not a good quality cushion. Good quality cushions lose its shape only after a few weeks and then you'll be back to square one.


Some higher-end chair back supports has additional and adjustable features such a tilt, back support, seat cushion and head rest such as the computer back supports sold at TruComfort.


You would want a more structured back support for your computer chair, but at the same time, not something too rigid as though it is a piece of wood jabbing your back.

The ideal back support would have a sense of firmness yet be porous (for your back and skin to breathe) and to cushion any sudden movements. Think of it as a good mattress for your back, just vertical and when you're awake!

We really like the Posturepro Lumbar support as shown below.

Shop for ergonomic back supports

Ergonomic Back Support We Recommend

Fellowes Professional Series Back Support, Black (8037601)

Duro-Med Relax-a-Bac Lumbar Back Support Cushion Pillow with Insert and Strap, Gray

Angel Sales Set of 2 PosturePro Lumbar Support

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